Green Smoke e cigarette brand is undoubtedly a market leader when it comes to assessing the popularity as well as the worthiness of the products that it manufactures. Green Smoke electronic cigarette brand has been known to manufacture some of the finest starter kits known to smokers and it has also been considered as a brand that was responsible for introducing e cigarettes into the United States five years ago. Nonetheless, it should be noted that this statement has not yet been proven owing to the lack of proper documentation or proof, yet word of mouth has it that Green Smoke e cigs were apparently responsible for bringing electric cigarettes into the United States. Without a shadow of a doubt, this brand is undoubtedly one of America’s most favored one.

Green Smoke Permanent Price Cut

The Unprecedented Green Smoke Price reduction

If you go through the Green Smoke reviews, you would realize that this brand was the first to introduce the two piece electric cigarette. Most other brands apparently followed this concept and started to manufacture e cigs that comprised of a new atomizer, a battery and a charger. In an unprecedented turn of events, this best electronic cigarette brand decided to reduce the prices of all its e cigarette starter kits in the wake of the growing demands of its products. The price reduction initiated by Green Smoke is stated to be permanent in nature and this has been done in the last week of December (starting today). The manufacturers did not wait for the New Year (2013) in order to initiate this discounted scheme and decided to begin with it during December 2012 itself.

Not only have all the starter kits been included and covered under the discounted offer, even the batteries manufactured here, have been included in the permanent price reduction scheme. The good news is that from today onwards, the Green Smoke cartridges would be available at heavily discounted rates and the entry level starter kit would be pegged at a meager $59.95. The lowered pricing structure is also applicable for the designer batteries. It has also been revealed that from now on, a carry case shall be included in each and every starter kit, as a complimentary offer.

Let us take a closer look at the new pricing structure in greater detail:

Green Smoke Starter Kits (New Pricing Structure)

Leaving aside the disposables, all other kits that are manufactured here are now applicable at a suitable discount. So, let us quickly take a closer look at the discounted pricing as well as a brief overview of what all you can expect in each starter kit.

1) The Express Kit- The Express Kit was earlier priced at $89.99 and now, it is being pegged at a meager $59.97. When you opt for this kit, you shall be eligible to receive a battery of your choice (either a long or a short battery), a pack of five cartomizers, a USB home charging kit (this includes an adapter and a USB charger), a USB cigarette, a membership card and a special user guide. At the same time, you shall also be eligible for a complimentary carry case. The free carry case is worth $19.97 and this kit is therefore supposed to be a great money saving opportunity for serious smokers.

2) The Pro Kit- The Pro Kit was earlier priced at $129.99 but now, it is pegged at $99.97. This kit includes a long rechargeable battery, a short rechargeable battery, ten cartomizers (2 packs of regular cartomizers), a USB charger, a USB cigarette, a high power car adapter, a high power home adapter, a special user guide, a membership card and a complimentary carry case worth $19.97.

3) The Ultimate Kit- This kit is ideally meant for the serious smoker as it contains all the essential ingredients required by a regular smoker. This kit was initially priced at $159.99 but now, it has been permanently reduced to $129.97. When you order this kit, you carry home a short rechargeable battery, a long rechargeable battery, 2 packs of ten cartomizers, a high power car adaptor, a USB cigarette, a high power home adapter, a USB charger, a deluxe carry case, a membership card, a user manual and a free full grain leather carry case.

4) Love Birds Kit- As the name suggests, the Love Bird’s Kit is ideally meant for those smokers (couples), who love to smoke together and make use of the same brand, so as to further strengthen their relationships and relish their cigarettes at the same time. This kit contains two short as well as two long batteries, four cartomizer packs, two USB chargers, two USB cigarettes, two high powered car adapters, two high powered wall chargers and two deluxe carry cases which are completely free of any extra charge. This kit was earlier priced at $219.99 but after the revised pricing, it is pegged at $269.97 only.

Updates on Green Smoke Batteries

The Green Smoke battery has been recognized as one of the most advances e cig batteries in the entire smoking niche. These batteries are making use of the VaporMax technology that makes them very efficient and cost effective in nature. These batteries too are in demand the world over and smoke lovers always feel the need to keep these batteries with them at all times. The regular batteries that were earlier priced at $34.99 would now be available for a meager $24.97. In fact, even the price of the three pack batteries has been reduced from $69.99 to $59.97. In case you would like to opt for the designer batteries, then they are available for just $29.97. Even the pricing of the three pack designer batteries have been revised and now they cost you just $69.97.

The Benefits are Immense

Green Smoke lovers can actually rejoice, as now, they can easily hope to save their money while purchasing their favorite starter kits and batteries. As per the Green Smoke e cigs spokesperson, “the main reason behind these price cuts was to make sure that our loyal customer base can avail their cherished products without feeling a pinch in their pocket. We would like each and every smoker to try out our kits so that they can experience the true flavors of smoking a smokeless cigarette”.