The Green Smoke electronic cigarette is, without a shadow of a doubt, the pioneering force that helped smokers in the United States get acquainted with smokeless cigarettes.

Green Smoke E Cigarette Features:

Produces the Highest Vapor Volume in the Smokeless Industry

E Cig Flavors are Incredibly Rich

One Cartomizer= 30 Regular Cigarettes

Long Lasting Battery using the Latest FlavorMax Technology

Each E Cig is Triple Sealed to Preserve Freshness

Lack of Ash

Completely Odor Free and Very Easy to Use

Many people are of the opinion that this brand happened to be the first one to introduce e cigarettes that had thicker vapor content and allowed end users to relish the true thrill of experiencing a nicotine hit. Even if you order the Basic Express Kit (worth $59.97), you shall still get:

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One (short or long) lithium ion rechargeable battery

One Home Charger Kit (one USB Charger and one Wall Adapter)

One USB cigarette

5 FlavorMax nicotine cartridges in varied flavor and strength combinations

A User Manual for easy startup and a Member Card.

A free Deluxe carry Case

Apart from these, the option of choosing between additionally charged-up versions like the Pro Kit, Express Kit, the Love Birds Kit, the Ultimate Kit and the Disposables is always exciting smoking enthusiasts from all across the globe.

It is interesting to note that while Green Smoke electric cigarettes are  slightly more expensive when compared to many other brands, yet they are as affordable as any other(the pro kit is pegged at a meager $99.97). Despite their superior pricing, these e cigs have managed to remain in the best selling lists of seasoned smokers the world over.  Honestly speaking, the green cigs truly deserve to be called pioneers in the e-cigs niche as the manufacturers came out with a series of ‘firsts’ and never heard-of before attributes in the niche such as:

Green Smoke was the first e-cig that came up with the two-piece design in e-cigs and allowed the users to enjoy the e-smoking experience to the hilt with disposable atomizers.

The concept of a fully loaded e-cig starter kit was also introduced by the Green Smoke initially.

Green Smoke is still the ONLY e-cigarette brand that allows for ‘one-step cartridge replacement’. So the leaders continue to be leaders, while those who believe in striving on imitation are still to decode this unique technology.

Another technological “first” from Green Smoke is the high tech cartridges with a built-in nicotine pad so as to prevent leakage and wet fingers that are bound to happen while unwrapping and manually inserting nicotine pads into cartridges.

This is the only provider that attaches emphasis to hygiene and the accessories section has a pack of 100 rubber tips on offer for just $5, which comes handy in case several people are to try the same cigarette.

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Green smoke electronic cigarettes being one of the initial products that our reviewers tried, we were a bit apprehensive about placing an order since a reputed and established  brand was very unlikely to give add-on lures to customers, and we thought these would come up as extra heads involving expenditures. Interestingly, our order was covered under free shipping (which is so for each order above $25) and was speedily delivered within 24 hours of placing the order. To our amazement, a 30 day money back guarantee and a full year warranty on parts too flew in with the orders!

Bonus Tip: If you order Green Smoke e-cigs, do check out the accessories section for some exciting accessories like the Green Smoke Sparkle Carrying Case, Rubber Tips, USB Electric Cigarette and the Green Smoke Carrying case– all of which are affordably priced and can instantly add to the utility of your starter kit!

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