In a recent study that was published in the Tobacco Control journal, the content clearly states that gums as well as nicotine patches which smokers usually incorporate in their lives in a bid to get the better of their awful smoking habits actually backfire leaving them with an increased craving for cigarettes. While both gum as well as nicotine patches have been known to provide solace from cigarettes and are used as a suitable nicotine replacement therapy, they usually never really work wonders and do nothing to help people quit smoking cigarettes permanently. While a few medical studies have claimed that these nicotine replacement therapies may work wonders in the shorter run, thus helping people to quit smoking cigarettes for a short time interval, both patches as well as gum cannot be termed as devices that would allow the smoking enthusiast to quit smoking cigarettes permanently.


While the FDA is known to approve of such nicotine replacement therapies, when people who had made used of nicotine patches as well as gum were interviewed, it was found that they did not experience any sort of benefit while using these to quit their smoking habit. Smoke chain smokers even reported that despite taking counseling cessions as well as these nicotine replacement methods, they were simply unable to quit smoking cigarettes permanently. This clearly proves that smoking enthusiasts who used such aids were in reality not at all happy on having made use of them. The market of nicotine replacement products which started with just over $100 million in the year 1991 has now risen to a whooping $800, as last reported in the year 2007. Apparently, even most Medicaid programs have been known to cover at least one of the above mentioned smoking cessation products in their policies, which were apparently legalized in the year 1997.


As per Dr. Richard Hurt, who happens to be working at the Mayo Clinic and is heading the Nicotine Dependence Center, “Nicotine replacement methods are essential for helping smokers quit smoking regular cigarettes. Nonetheless, we also try and include several other kinds of medications in order to ensure that smokers are able to quit their habit permanently.” Nonetheless, most users disagree with the statement claiming it to be a money making device, which actually has no long term benefits to offer to the concerned smoking enthusiasts. As per the research study conducted by the University of California, it was clearly revealed that the subjects who were using gums and patches never really had any fond experience and suffered the price by getting back to smoking after a short time span. So apparently, the effects of both gums and patches are temporary in nature and they really do not allow the concerned individual to quit smoking permanently.

Since the year 2002, when this study was officially published by the University of California, there have been doubts pertaining to the use of both gums as well as nicotine patches. Another study was then conducted in Massachusetts, wherein over a thousand subjects were studied, who were using gums as well as patches and were all set to quit smoking cigarettes using these cessation mediums. Almost 800 people were known to quit smoking after a short time gap but in a period of two years, over one thirds had started to smoke cigarettes once again. This clearly states that despite trying gums and nicotine patches on a regular basis, over one third of smokers had no other choice but to start smoking cigarettes again. This once again proves that such nicotine replacement therapies really do not work wonders in the longer run and this is apparently the main reason why chain smokers have nowadays started to seek the aid of an electronic cigarette instead.


An e cigarette is a device which resembles a regular cigarette but it happens to be very different from a regular cigarette. In simple words, an e cig is definitely devoid of the deadly tobacco content and it is also considered to be free from the offensive second hand smoke, which is undoubtedly symbolic to regular cigarettes. At the same time, an electric cigarette does not offer any room for complains to chain smokers as it always manages to deliver the much needed nicotine hit to smoking enthusiasts from across the globe. At the same time, it has also been noticed that people from all walks of lives, especially chain smokers who happen to fall in the budget conscious group, have been known to be really happy with regards to smoking these devices as an e cigarette costs lesser than a regular cigarette. Besides, the monthly cost of puffing an electronic cigarette is one third the monthly cost of smoking regular cigarettes.