Have you ever wondered why you cannot quit smoking regular cigarettes, despite trying all possible quit smoking aids available in the open or even the closed market? Have you ever given a thought to the very simple fact as to why your mind always forces you to light your cigarette every hour or half hour, depending upon your daily consumption of smoking? Have you ever considered why you become so weak against a small stick like object known as a regular cigarette and feel compelled to smoke it, while on other fronts you stand firm as a rock and simply cannot be deterred? Well, the fact remains that you are not at all well versed with what all the ingredients the tobacco manufacturing companies’ use in your regular cigarettes and this is one of the main reasons why you simply cannot prepare your brain to fight back and quit smoking cigarettes permanently. It is not that you are weak- it is simply that you are not aware of the level of addiction that your cherished tobacco company is pushing you into.


Apparently, several research studies have proven that the cessation methods that have been introduced to allow the concerned smoker to quit smoking permanently are simply “shams” and some even term them as “scams”. As per several expert researchers, such secession aids have been manufactured by none other than the tobacco manufacturing companies themselves. So, apparently, all this is a sales gimmick for luring ex-smokers back in the smoking game. In order to avoid such a scenario, smokers need to be fully aware of the risks that they are taking by smoking regular cigarettes. The first fact that needs to be noted is the presence of over 4000 known chemicals within a single cigarette. Of these, over 67 chemicals are termed as carcinogens, meaning that they have cancer causing properties and should be avoided at all costs.


It is a strange phenomenon that the list of ingredients is never mentioned on the packs of regular cigarettes. While even liquor is considered to be dangerous, the list of ingredients present in a bottle of liquor is always mentioned on the label pasted on the bottle. So, why are the ingredients present in a cigarette not mentioned? This is another reason why smokers need to be all the more cautious before starting to smoke cigarettes on a regular basis. Simply put, most smokers are not even aware of the kind of toxic fumes they are inhaling through the means of their cigarettes and they are also not fully aware of the damage these toxic fumes are doing to their system. Smoking brands use ammonia to juice up the nicotine content so that it provides an instant hit to your brain.


This is why most top brands boast of a nicotine potency which is equivalent to 100 mgs in a single cigarette. This is undoubtedly fatal for the human body and when this is mixed with tobacco, ammonia and other deadly carcinogens, your body is susceptible to several diseases, such as cancer, cardiac ailments, respiratory tract infections and multiple organ failure, amongst many other chronic diseases. All these diseases could easily have been avoided had the concerned individual not been smoking regular cigarettes on a regular basis. The most shocking aspect of smoking tobacco cigarettes is that the offensive second hand smoke which emits from these lit cigarettes seems to affect the non-smoking population in a worse manner. It has been clinically proven that the smoke which emits from the lungs of the smoker is much more toxic than the smoke which he had previously inhaled while smoking the cigar. Hence, non-smokers are at a greater risk of contracting diseases, as compared to regular smokers.


While smoking cigarettes is an addiction which is not at all easy to quit, there is an alternative which is proving to be a perfect “quit smoking” aid. This is in the form of an electronic cigarette. While patches and gums provide temporary relief for smokers wishing to quit smoking permanently, an e cigarette is one such device which allows smokers to continue smoking without causing the damage, which is usually associated with smoking regular cigarettes. Smokers who have used nicotine patches as well as gum have been really disappointed as the moment they stop, they are back to their smoking habits, only this time around- their smoking urge is even stronger. This is what makes them even more susceptible of contracting ailments that could have easily been avoided. It is a well known fact that scare tactics do not deter smokers from smoking tobacco cigarettes. In fact, even if the tobacco manufacturing companies are told to display graphic labels on their cigarette packs, smokers who wish to smoke would simply continue doing so.