Tobacco smoking has taken the entire world by storm. There have been several cases wherein people from all walks of life have declared smoking cigarettes as a taboo, yet have not been able to contain their habit and have merely continued smoking till a fatal disease has caught them in its grasp and finished their wonderful life for ever. While cigarettes are supposed to be a modern day product, which has swept the world off its feet, the fact remains that in real life cigarette smoking can trace its roots to centuries. In the early years, cigarettes used to be smoked in the form of cigars, which in turn happened to be larger than the length of a modern day cigarette and also broader in comparison.

When you look through the annals of history, you would come to realize that tobacco smoking was initiated in Central America, wherein the tribes used to smoke pipes and reeds, to satisfy their nicotine urge. It has also been confirmed that people from all walks of lives preferred smoking in groups and they also initiated several others to smoke, which in turn led several people in the same community to smoke cigarettes rampantly. The Aztecs as well as Maya civilization has also been known to indulge in smoking cigarettes on a regular basis. Their smoking acts have been preserved through the means of engravings in their pottery as well as wall paintings.

In the initial days, people in Central American regions were known to complete the cigarette using plant wrappers. It was only in the 17’th century, when smoking manufacturers introduced paper and started wrapping tobacco in them, thereby giving rise to cigarettes which were wrapped in fine paper. In the early eighteenth century, tobacco crossed over to the Grate Britain and started being termed as a cigarette. Finally, the French started manufacturing tobacco in mass scale in the year 1845, thereby leading to a monopolistic manufacturing regime centered across tobacco cigarettes. The Crimean War made cigarette smoking even more popular as English soldiers started smoking cigarettes in large numbers and in the absence of a proper rolling paper, they merely used old newspapers and rolled cigarettes using these.

In the initial days, people smoked cigarettes using pipes and it was only later on that they began smoking cigarettes which were rolled in fine paper. It was also in the mid eighteenth century when the word “inhaling” came into existence. By the time the twentieth century came into existence, smoking had become a way of life with most individuals indulging in this passion on a regular basis. As smoking became more and more popular, by the time we entered the twenty first century, smoking regular cigarettes had taken the entire world by storm and had everyone in its grasp. This is when people started to realize the perils of smoking a product which was actually fatal for the human body.

Apparently, the offensive second hand smoke, which emitted from regular cigarettes started to cause severe damage to those who smoked these on a regular basis. Smokers soon started suffering from chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiac failures as well as fatal respiratory disorders, which could be easily avoided, if smoking was stopped permanently. Nonetheless, quitting smoking was not at all an easy task and even though most smoking individuals tried their level best to quit, they simply could not withstand the urge to smoke for more than a few days. The nicotine craving, which was initiated by tobacco cigarettes, was an addiction that was almost impossible to beat and required medical help to do so. Despite several de-addiction centers being opened up, most individuals who were habitual of smoking cigarettes, simply failed to quit smoking and after being discharged from their de-addiction centers, resumed to smoking cigarettes once again. This is what led to the multiplication of fatal diseases which smoking tobacco cigarettes were known to cause.

Not only did the offensive second hand smoke released by regular cigarettes cause several chronic diseases, it also led people to realize the dangers which it could cause on the non-smoking population. Apparently, passive smokers suffered the same health consequences as regular smokers when they inhaled the poisonous gasses released when people smoked cigarettes. A suitable alternative to smoking cigarettes is the electronic cigarette. Not only is an e cigarette smokeless, it is also tobacco free. At the same time, an electric cigarette has varying nicotine levels, which can be chosen by the smoking individual as per his/her own discretion. On the whole, e cigs are now being preferred over regular cigarettes.