Tobacco can trace its roots to the times when man became a civilized animal. While the actual date of smoking tobacco cannot be pinpointed, nonetheless 1942 is the year when the voyage of Christopher Columbus witnessed a surge in seamen smoking cigarettes. Apparently, Christopher Columbus himself can be considered as the first American who smoked a tobacco cigarette. Thereafter, smoking became a rather normal activity in the United States and soon it took the entire world in its grasp.

the history of tobacco

Native Americans could be seen smoking tobacco as a means of intoxicating themselves while the tribesmen of the eastern European origin were known to smoke tobacco for the simple reason that this helped them cure toothaches as well as headaches. So, for some tobacco was considered as an effective medicine while for others, it acted as a means of intoxication. Nonetheless, the fact remains that it became really famous the world over and during the industrial revolution, it reached its peak. Even in India, it was used for medicinal purposes before being transformed into cigarettes, which in turn led people to become addicted to it.

The Canadian Ojibway tribe has been known to use tobacco as a means of expressing the gratitude of their tribesmen to God. This is a spiritual medicine for Ojibway tribesmen. Tobacco in its uncured state has been known to be used in enemas, eaten as it is and also taken as a liquid after being extracted to form juice. The Algonquian tribe which is found in Canada too considers tobacco as a form of spiritual offering and hence, they detest the very idea of cigarettes being smoked in an addictive manner. For them, it is spiritual in nature and any form of abuse is disliked by the tribesmen. Hence, every part of the country has a different opinion about tobacco smoking.

John Rolfe was the first American trader who is known to have grown tobacco in the year 1608. At that time, tobacco was referred to as brown gold and this was the first time when it was grown for commercial purpose. In the 17th century, tobacco started being recognized as a suitable cash crop, which was grown mostly in the British colonies. Nonetheless as time passed, tobacco started being sold primarily in the form of cigarettes, which in turn got several million individuals hooked to it. This is when it started to become an epidemic and began causing several chronic ailments including cancer, cardiac arrest, respiratory disorders as well as several other diseases that were fatal in nature.