Hollywood has always been symbolized with fame, style and money and the celebrities are often aped no matter what they endorse or what they promote. In a nutshell, Hollywood celebrities always remain our hot favorite when the need of the hour is to make a style statement and then follow it with all seriousness. When we are referring to style statement then without a shadow of a doubt the electronic cigarettes are often considered to be the latest style statement for many of the leading celebrities in Hollywood. Among the many reasons that are coaxing the leading celebs to opt for E Cigarettes, the fact that tobacco smoking is injurious to health tops the list. Whatever the reason for their choice in favor of smoking e cigs may be, the trend does confirms the universal claim that e cigs are a suitable alternative as compared to smoking the normal tobacco filled cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are battery operated devices and they do not contain tobacco. But they do contain nicotine which in turn is ignited with the use of an electric charger. While the device looks just like an ordinary cigarette, the fact remains that all it emits is harmless water vapor and nothing else. So, most health researchers are of the opinion that as compared to tobacco cigarettes, an electronic cigarette is safe for human consumption and also safe for the environment. As Hollywood is comprised of health conscious celebrities, the fact remains that they always like endorsing and using products that are completely safe for their health and this undoubtedly is one of the main reasons why they have started making use of electronic cigarettes in the recent past.

Katherine Heigl was perhaps the first well known Hollywood celebrity who came forward and endorsed the electronic cigarettes as a safe and suitable alternative to the notorious tobacco smoking, in the Letterman show. In fact, there have been many other celebrities who have been seen smoking e cigarettes on the sets of their movies. Some of these include Leonardo Di Caprio and Johnny Depp. Many others are slowly but steadily starting to shift their focus from tobacco cigarettes to smoking e cigs instead. Well known personalities such as Kate Moss, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan have been seen several times smoking electric cigarettes in full public view. This is undoubtedly a Samaritan act on the part of Hollywood celebrities as they are setting a good example by educating the masses to quit smoking harmful tobacco cigarettes and choose a suitable alternative by adopting E Cigarettes.