If you are under the impression that only tobacco cigarettes are dangerous for your health, then you need to think twice as even hookah is undoubtedly not considered good for a healthy body. While smoking tobacco cigarettes have been known to release several harmful carcinogens in the atmosphere apart from polluting the environment with the deadly carbon dioxide gas, even hookah is not far behind when it comes to damaging your health. Hookah is a device which uses a special form of tobacco, which in turn is heated and then passed through water before being inhaled through the means of a rubber tube.

Hookah Vs Cigarette

If you are under the impression that water would treat the tobacco present in the hookah then you need to think twice, as no such thing happens. In fact, an average hookah smoking session is known to last for over an hour, which in turn ensures that you smoke more tobacco than the amount you inhaled while smoking regular cigarettes. This is definitely a dangerous way of causing irreparable harm to your body and needs to be avoided at all costs, especially if you are aspiring to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As per the latest research, hookah is known to contain several harmful compounds which include tar, heavy metals as well as the deadly carbon dioxide gas.

Research also states that the levels of carcinogens in hookah are very high and this is the primary reason why people from all walks of life suffer from cancer when they smoke this device way too often. Besides, as the average smoking session here is quite large, the fact remains that people tend to inhale more amounts of carbon monoxide as well as smoke as compared to those smokers who are habitual of smoking regular cigarettes. It has also been confirmed that people who smoke hookah suffer from oral cancers, especially the lung and the tongue. In fact, many have been known to suffer from varying levels of heart infections and chronic respiratory disorders.

Besides, when you smoke hookah, your body would consume the same amount of nicotine content which it would when you smoke tobacco cigarettes. The nicotine content when combined with tobacco, forces hookah smokers to become dependent on this device. Often ridiculed for causing second hand smoke, if this device is smoked by pregnant women, the chances of the baby being born with a low birth weight is very high. Besides, the hookahs which people usually smoke in bars are not very clean, which in turn may lead to several infections.