The tobacco plant is first harvested and then it is treated using heat, which in turn causes it to produce nitrosamines. These nitrosamines are considered cancer causing in nature and therefore ideally avoided from being consumed in any form. Ironically, this procedure was not developed to increase the chances of people contracting cancer but to ensure that the tobacco leaf became more yellow. Nowadays, there are several brands which use the oxygen process for curing tobacco instead of the traditional heating procedure.

After that, the entire leaf along with the stems is processed, as they have quite a lot of nicotine content. Earlier, they used to remove the stems as they were bitter in taste but nowadays, they are included in a cigarette as they contain more nicotine. In order to mask the flavor as well as pitiable burning qualities, the stems are included in the scrap leaf which is then added with sugar to mask the bitterness and then spread all across the paper.

Nonetheless when sugar is added and then burned as it is present in the paper and then inhaled, it can prove to be a highly addictive substance for smokers. Apparently, the burning sensation you feel in your throat and lung area after smoking a cigarette is also caused by the burnt sugar that you have just inhaled. Hence, this should be avoided at all costs while manufacturing tobacco cigarettes. Cigarettes also include ammonia to raise the PH level of cigarettes.

Cocoa and licorice are also included in the cigarette formulation to even out the flavor. Apparently, these two substances are known to expand your lungs to allow you to inhale the smoke deeply and enjoy the nicotine hit which you all have been eagerly awaiting. In reality, the more your lungs can inhale the tobacco smoke- the better would be your nicotine hit. Nonetheless, this process increases the risk of you contracting lung cancer. When a cigarette is finally rolled, it includes 90% tobacco.

For rolling, you need paper, a hopper, filter paper, glue and tobacco hoppers. Simply roll the paper and glue it from one edge to complete the cigarette. Without a shadow of a doubt, several other chemicals are used while completing a cigarette as when the smoke is exhaled; over 4000 known chemicals are emitted from a lit cigarette. Of these, 47 chemicals are considered cancer causing in nature. A suitable alternative such as a smokeless and tobacco-less electronic cigarette is ideally best suited for people who simply cannot live without their daily smoke.