It is interesting to note that smoking regular cigarettes is a fad which very few people would like to give a complete miss. Apparently, tobacco cigarettes were advertised in such a manner and to such an extent that people from all walks of lives started to consider cigarettes as a status symbol, owing to which this product soon attained a cult status in the society. Nonetheless, the dark side of smoking regular cigarettes is still unknown and remains a mystery for many. But with time, this has changed and people from all walks of lives have developed an awareness level that allows them to realize the dangers associated with smoking cigarettes on a regular basis. One of the biggest dangers associated with smoking cigarettes is contracting cancer. This is undoubtedly a fatal disease, which is contracted not only by those who smoke regular cigarettes but also by those who happen to be passive smokers.

Regular cigarettes contain high levels of carcinogens, which in turn have cancer causing properties. These carcinogens number in between 47 and 67 in all and are always present in a single cigarette. They can cause healthy lung cells to become cancerous. As per a study conducted by the University of California, the main culprit for causing cancer in human beings is the presence of hydrogen peroxide in regular cigarettes. Nonetheless, it should also be noted that a single lit cigarette also contains over 4000 highly toxic chemicals, which are again capable of causing cancer in smokers as well as non smokers. Passive smokers happen to be those innocent individuals who suffer from cancer on a regular basis. This is simply owing to the fact that the highly offensive second hand smoke which emits from regular cigarettes causes high amounts of carcinogens to get accumulated within the lungs of the concerned passive smoker.

As per Tzipora Goldkorn, who also happens to be a senior researcher, “The levels of hydrogen peroxide are rather high in regular cigarettes, owing to which people develop cancerous tendencies at warp speed. At present, the five year survival rate of lung cancer patients is a meager 15.5%. This needs to be drastically altered by manufacturing safer cigarettes and by implementing advanced therapeutic medications.” In the study, Goldkorn revealed the various kinds of air cell passages which they found in the human lung, which in turn exposed to the highly offensive second hand smoke arising from regular cigarettes. The cells were taken aside and incubated for a period of two days after having been exposed to hydrogen peroxide and other carcinogens present in a regular cigarette. During this period, it was revealed that the cells that were exposed to hydrogen peroxide as well as second hand smoke happened to develop cancerous tendencies at warp speed. This is what led researchers to realize why over 400,000 smoking deaths result in the United States alone.

An electronic cigarette is considered as the most suitable alternative to regular cigarettes. Not only is an e cigarette free from carcinogens, it is also smokeless and definitely devoid of tobacco. Millions of smokers have started to make a permanent switch over to puffing on an electric cigarette. They have found an e cig to be cheaper than regular cigarettes and they have also realized that an e cig is a safer smoking alternative. As these devices are free from carcinogens, the chance of contracting cancer by smoking an e cigarette is also completely negated.