Those of you who are not aware of how an electronic cigarette functions, here is a brief on what an electric cigarette is all about and how it works. First of all, an e cigarette is run with the aid of a battery. This functionality is quite symbolic to its name. At the same time, this device does not make use of tobacco. Nonetheless without a shadow of a doubt, e cigs do contain nicotine, the levels or strength of which you can choose on your own accord. So, a smoker can also use a zero strength nicotine e cigarette, if he/she desires.

how does an electronic cigarette function

An e cig is quite similar to a regular cigarette. The only difference is that it is slightly longer than a normal cigarette. Nowadays, there are a few e cigarettes that are equivalent to the size of a regular cigarette as well but generally, they are slightly longer in length. As per the records, Hon Lik was the Chinese gentleman who first developed an e cig and introduced this revolutionary concept to the entire world. This happened in the year 2003 but the real e cigarette was conceptualized in the year 1963 by Herbert A. Gilbert. Nonetheless, this device has been well appreciated the world over and is slowly but steadily taking over the traditional tobacco cigarette market.

An e cigarette consists of three main components. The first component is the cartridge; the second is the atomizer while the third is the power supply. Let us now explain each part in brief. The first component which happens to be the cartridge is mainly used to house a small reservoir of liquid nicotine. This is also known as an e-liquid and is mainly used to ensure that the smoker is able to satisfy his/her nicotine urge while smoking this device. The second component is the atomizer. Now, this happens to work as a means of igniting the e-liquid which is present in the cartridge. The atomizer contains an element which when heated warms the liquid nicotine, thereby converting it into vapor.

The last and final component is the power supply. This is also known as a battery and it helps provide power to the atomizer, after which, the liquid nicotine is converted into harmless water vapor. Nowadays, the modern day e cigarettes contain cartomizers which include both the cartridge as well as the atomizer. This is a two piece e cig which is easy to use and looks trendy as well.