The biggest myth which surrounds people who exercise is that regular cigarettes help in enhancing their exercise regime. It is a well known fact that exercise and cigarettes are poles apart and they can never be linked to an effective weight training cession or any other form of exercise. It has been clinically proven that smoking a cigarette can actually reduce your lung functionality by causing damage to the respiratory system, which in turn is irreversible in nature. In simple terms, when you smoke cigarettes and exercise, your training time is drastically reduced as you fatigue quickly and the overall quality of your training is compromised.

When you smoke cigarettes, your airway resistance level is drastically increased, which in turn reduces the absorption of oxygen in your body. When you have lack of oxygen content in your body, you tend to feel out of breath and hence, your overall quality of exercise is drastically reduced. In the sport of bodybuilding, it is vitally important that the concerned individual is able to complete his last repetition or be able to complete the required cardio workout, which usually lasts 20 minutes, in a bid to achieve lean muscle mass. When you smoke cigarettes, you are not able to achieve this goal and hence, you simply cannot prove to be as efficient as a non-smoker with regards to gauging the overall efficiency of your workout session.

Another problem which is directly linked with smoking cigarettes is that you tend to produce phlegm, which is apparently twice as much as what a non-smoker produces. It has also been medically reported that the average heart rate of a smoker is thirty percent more than the average heart beat of a non-smoker. This in turn forces the concerned smoker to feel short of breadth very quickly and such individuals are also prone to get fatigued quickly. All this forces such individuals to make an effort to keep pace with non smokers, while exercising. All this is simply owing to nicotine and other harmful chemicals that are present in tobacco cigarettes, which in turn reduce the blood flow in the human body.

Owing to cigarette smoke, the mucus membrane tends to swell, which in turn restricts normal breathing in humans.          At the same time, the presence of carbon dioxide in cigarettes tends to get attracted to hemoglobin rather than oxygen. Hence, when you smoke cigarettes, you tend to replace your oxygen levels with carbon dioxide. This depletion of oxygen is undoubtedly not a good sign for an individual who indulges in regular physical exercise, as it simply reduces the stamina of the concerned individual. Reduction in stamina simply hampers your overall performance, which in turn forces the human body to become sluggish and weak.

Owing to the presence of carbon monoxide as well as other harmful chemicals present in cigarettes, the absorption of oxygen from the blood into your lungs is drastically reduced. In fact, the oxygen which is absorbed from the blood into your muscles is also reduced. Hence, it is not at all correct to state that smokers have a great time exercising.