An electronic cigarette battery is a lifeline of a water vapor cigarette, as it provides the much needed power to the device and allows interested smokers to fulfill their throat-hit effectively. Nonetheless, with so many batteries available in the market, manufactured by different brands, it is really tough to pick the most suitable device for your personal needs. Here are a few tips that shall allow you to pick the best battery:

The Quality of the Battery- An e cig can only operate if it is connected with a suitable battery. You can taste the vapor and experience a ‘throat-hit’ only when the battery is fully powered and connected to the e cig cartridge. If your device is of good quality, the ‘nicotine hit’ shall be wonderful. On the other hand, if your device is of a poor quality, your ‘throat-hit’ shall also be poor. At the same time, it is also good to consider whether you want a two-piece device or a three-piece device. Both have their own advantages as well as disadvantages. A 2-piece e cig is preferred owing to its ease of usage.

The Operation Mode- There are two types of batteries- the first is the manual battery and the second is an automatic battery. A manual battery has a ‘start button’, which needs to be depressed to initiate the device. This helps preserve battery life and provides the device a long life. An automatic battery does not have a start button and it starts functioning the moment you inhale the vapor. The battery life of an automatic battery is lesser than the battery life of a manual version. Nonetheless, if you prefer vaping a device that is easy to operate and hassle free in nature, then you should opt for an automatic battery.

Charging Preferences- The next step is to ascertain your charging preference. For example, if you travel a lot, then you should opt for a disposable vapor cigarette. In case you spend a lot of your time working behind the desk, then a battery mated with a wall charger is ideal. In case you work on your laptop, then pick a battery that is mated with a USB charger, which in turn can be plugged into the USB port of your laptop. In case you love to vape while driving, then pick a device that is mated with a car charger. In case you like vaping for a long duration and you love to be in complete control of your cigarettes, then opt for a personal charging case, which is capable of recharging your batteries several times.

A Power Cig- In case you love to work on your laptop, then you should try and opt for a power cig. This is an e cigarette that can be attached with a chord. This chord has a USB port on the other end, which in turn can be attached to your laptop. Hence, the cigarette gets charged and you vape, even as you are working on your laptop.

The Compatibility Factor- While picking your battery, it is always suggested that you cross check its compatibility. This in turn implies that you should try and pick a battery that is compatible with your electric cigarette. For example, if you choose to purchase a v2 cigs starter kit and try to connect it with a battery that has been manufactured by green smoke e cig brand, then this shall not work out. Hence, always cross check the compatibility of your battery with the cartridge that you intend to use.

The Company Promise- While choosing a suitable battery for your vaping device, you need to be doubly sure of its quality. There are certain e cig companies that offer lifetime warranty on their batteries. Nonetheless, you need to ensure that you ‘read between the lines’ while opting for such a battery that is backed by a lifetime warranty. It needs to be noticed that this warranty can become null and void if you use an e-liquid manufactured by another company. Hence, it is always advisable that you go through the terms and conditions before finalizing your device.

The Durability Factor- While vapor cigarette batteries are made to last a very long time, you need to handle them with care. This in turn implies that your batteries should place your batteries in a case and always recharge spent batteries with the aid of proper chargers. Some e cigarette companies manufacture batteries that are made to last for a very long time, which is why they are preferred by those users who are aspiring to use e cigs for a long time. On the contrary, a smoker opting for vapor cigarettes to quit smoking, can opt for less durable batteries.

The Pricing Factor- Last but not the least, you should establish a budget before finalizing your battery. In case you are a new smoker, who is habitual of vaping occasionally, then you may opt for a battery that is affordably priced. On the contrary, if you are a seasoned smoker, who does not compromise on the quality of your vaping, then you should opt for those batteries which are durable and slightly costlier.

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How to Choose the Best Electronic Cigarette Battery?
Tech-Cigarette research staff suggests ways and means of picking the best electronic cigarette battery to power your vaping device.