Once upon a time, hookah smoking was limited to village gatherings in India but now it has started being accepted in the metropolitan cities as a high fashion statement. While hookah smoking is now being considered as a socially accepted norm in Indian cities, it is sparking health concerns as well. As per several health organizations operating within the Indian subcontinent, people in India have started to smoke hookahs with the thought that they would prove to be a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco filled cigarettes. This is completely incorrect, as hookah smoke is as dangerous to the human body as the smoke emitting from a regular cigarette.

Most expensive and plush joints in India have hookah smoking options and this is one of the main reasons why this device is gaining immense popularity amongst the Indian youth who reside in metropolitan cities. Global Adults Tobacco Survey conducted a survey, in which it was revealed that during the years 2009 and 2010, amongst 274 million tobacco users, there were over seven million hookah smokers as well. It has been clinically proven that tobacco consumption causes cancer of the lungs. Hookah has become immensely popular over the past two years in Indian cities and this is why cases of various kinds of cancers are likely to increase.

In India, smoking hookah is considered a fashion statement, owing to which, more and more youngsters are getting addicted to this device. Apparently, making hookah popular and fashionable is a smart move by the tobacco industry. Apparently, the tobacco industry wishes to capture a larger pie in the smoking niche by introducing various kinds of smoking devices. Hookah zones have now become hangout zones for the rich and famous in the metropolitan cities in India. When people pay a visit to such hookah parlors, they are simply displaying their economic prosperity.

Many prominent states of India including Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab and Bangalore have banned hookah smoking in public. Nonetheless, the country’s capital New Delhi is yet to take any action in this regards. While smoking hookah, tobacco is first heated and the smoke which is produced during this process, is inhaled via a mouthpiece. Nonetheless, the presence of water in a hookah does not reduce the toxicity of the device, as water does not filter out the harmful chemicals that are present in the tobacco smoke. According to several hookah lovers, this is a perfect way to relax and de-stress the body after a day of hard labor. Most office goers are habitual of smoking hookah, after their work hours are over.

A single session of hookah smoking lasts for an hour and in this time period, the concerned smoker is capable of inhaling smoke, which in turn is equivalent to smoking a hundred tobacco cigarettes. This fact has also been confirmed by the World Health Organization. It has also been confirmed that smoking a hookah can cause tuberculoses as well as hepatitis. Both these ailments can prove fatal in nature if they are not treated on a timely manner. It has also been reported that hookah, which is fortified with marijuana or alcohol, is also ordered in such joints.