It is a well known fact that the World Health Organization does not permit the advertisement of tobacco cigarettes. Apparently, this is one of the main reasons why tobacco companies in India and other neighboring countries are seeking the aid of leading film stars to promote their products. In recent developments, the World Health Organizations has also banned tobacco companies from sponsoring several major events which include music events as well as major sporting feats, in a bid to reduce the publicity of tobacco cigarettes. This is also seen as a major reason which has prompted tobacco manufacturers to popularize regular cigarettes through the means of Bollywood films.

smoking cigarette in bollywood

It was in the year 2004 that promoting tobacco cigarettes via advertisements was officially banned by the World Health Organization. Despite the ban, it has been noticed that over 76% of all top grossing Bollywood films were advertising tobacco products in their scenes. Of the total 395 top grossing films released in India, 76% were allowing leading stars to smoke tobacco cigarettes, thereby promoting their products to the masses. Even in Hollywood, tobacco promotion is rampant and is mostly witnessed in movies that are pertaining to youth. Even countries such as Australia and Canada do the same and are following a similar trend when it comes to promoting regular cigarettes via their films.

As per several research studies, it has been proven that by promoting cigarette smoking in movies, tobacco manufacturers are able to attract the teenage population and lure them to taking up this deadly habit in real life. With the rise in smoking scenes in films the world over, the World Health Organization is now considering rating all films depicting tobacco consumption as adult films. This would dissuade youngsters to get lured into smoking regular cigarettes. Nonetheless, this proposed ban is still awaiting an approval and it would be a while before such an act is strictly imposed.

The urge to smoke is rather high and a chain smoker feels the nicotine urge the most. In such a scenario, it is best suited to ensure that the concerned smoker fulfill his/her nicotine urge by smoking an electronic cigarette. As compared to a regular cigarette, an e cigarette is completely devoid of tobacco and it is also free from the offensive second hand smoke. Besides, it is a well known fact that an individual can smoke an electric cigarette even in public places. Last but not the least- e cigs are cheaper than regular cigarettes.