In a shocking revelation, it was ascertained that in the state of Karnataka, which in turn falls in India, over one and a half crore individuals are habitual of smoking regular cigarettes. This was revealed by an independent survey, the report of which was officially released today. This Global Adult Tobacco Survey, revealed the serious health scenario faced by the state and was carefully studied by the chief minister Jagadish Shettar, before being officially released for public interest.

According to Dr Vishal Rao, who also happens to be the director of the Cancer Prevention Project stated that Global Adult Tobacco Survey was the first comprehensive survey to have been undertaken by the Karnataka government. This large scale survey revealed that over 16% of all women in the state consume tobacco, while the total number of men using the same substance is a mind blowing 40%. “It is a rather alarming fact that over one and a half crore people in Karnataka are tobacco users. This is a large number, which in turn increases the overall health risks in the state.” Mr. Rao has been stated as saying.


The Union Ministry of health Affairs has also backed the Global Adult Tobacco Survey and this survey has also been supported by the World Health Organization as well as RTI International and the Center of Disease Control and Prevention. All this clearly states that most health organizations are very worried with regards to the rising tobacco consumption in the state and would like to offer their assistance in reducing these numbers to a great extent.


According to the Global Adult Tobacco Survey, wherein all members of a family who were above fifteen years of age were studied, it was also revealed that over 44% of people are exposed to passive smoking. This is apparently owing to the very simple fact that one or more of their family members is indulged in the act of tobacco consumption. Some smokers have opted for electronic cigarettes. An electronic cigarette is a device which is free from tobacco and second hand smoke, yet it has the unique potential of satisfying the nicotine cravings in individuals.


At the same time, it was also revealed that 33% of Karnataka’s adults were exposed to the ill effects of passive smoking in public places. Many smokers have considered an e cigarette as their perfect getaway alternative. Nonetheless, e cigarettes are not readily available and hence, the tobacco menace continues to haunt the state health department. reading electric cigarette reviews in a bid to gain more knowledge on smokeless cigarettes is being considered as a suitable alternative to smoking regular cigarettes.