It has been noticed that Missouri is the only state in the United States of America, wherein the tax on tobacco cigarettes is low. Nonetheless, all this is set to change when the citizens of Missouri are going to put down their signatures with regards to a proposal, which in turn would determine a possible tax hike on regular cigarettes in the state. Over here, citizens are playing an important role in determining whether taxes on cigarettes would be raised or not. The votes are going to be counted in the month of November because voting takes place in that particular month itself.

It has been proposed by the concerned authorities that the tax on each cigarette pack in the state is to be increased by seventy three cents. The money raised through the means of this tax would then be used in the field of education, various anti smoking activities as well as cessation programs. Besides raising taxes on regular cigarettes, it has also been witnessed that the state government is planning to raise taxes on other products which are linked to tobacco.  The ballot measure is being pushed by several organizations including the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association.

At present, Missouri is levying a meager 17 cents per pack of tobacco cigarettes, in the form of cigarette tax, which is far lower than the national average of one dollar and forty six cents. The second lowest tax charger happens to be Virginia. Those supporting the increase in tobacco tax in the state of Missouri have been known to be in support of the cause which states that healthy activities within the state are encouraged and young smokers are deterred from choosing cigarette smoking as an addiction.

According to Misty Snodgrass from the American Cancer Society, “More and more people are looking for a reason to quit smoking cigarettes, as cigarettes are not beneficial for their life in any way. Unlike rent or the basic diet which is mandatory for human survival, cigarettes are not all that important in ones life. Hence, when they become expensive, more and more individuals are forced to reconsider their decision to continue using them.”  This clearly states that raising the tax on tobacco cigarettes can actually help several chain smokers to quit smoking permanently.

This is not the first time that this state has had proposals for increasing the tax on regular cigarettes. In the year 2002, 31,000 votes were cast in favor of the state increasing the tax per cigarette pack by fifty five cents, whereas in the year 2006, a raise of eighty cents per cigarette pack was backed by 61,000 votes. Both times, these proposals were rejected and the cigarette tax was never really increased. Nonetheless, this time over, it has been seen that the cigarette tax is all set to see an increment as the poll is supposed to go through the General Assembly.

It has also been reported that more and more smokers in the state have started to quit smoking regular cigarettes and opt for electronic cigarettes instead. The main reasons why e cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular are because they are cheaper than tobacco cigarettes and because they do not contain tobacco or emit the highly offensive second hand smoke.