Cigarettes are harmful for health. While most smokers are well aware of this fact, people still continue to smoke cigars on a regular basis. In fact, with each passing day, the total number of smokers is increasing and their numbers are all set to cross the two billion mark. This is what has prompted smoking enthusiasts as well as passive smokers to initiate several anti smoking campaigns in a bid to make people aware of the menace which regular cigarettes are causing to the health of innocent individuals as well as to the environment as a whole.

It is on Tuesday that the lawyers representing tobacco companies as well as the concerned government agencies, who are supposedly taking a stand for the graphic representation on cigarettes packs, are going to court. Apparently, the court would be the final judge to determine whether graphic labels should be used on cigarette packs or not and their word would be final. According to the tobacco companies, the inclusion of graphic labels on cigarette packs is a clear violation of their First Amendment rights. They also went on to state that by doing so, smokers would simply run away from cigarettes and never even bother to use them.

In the month of February, a court ruled in the favor of tobacco companies stating that the use of graphic labels on cigarette packs is a violation of their constitutional rights and forcing such an act on tobacco companies is not at all correct. This is what prompted the Obama government to appeal against this ruling and this battle between the Obama administration and Big Tobacco would now be settled in the court room. This would also determine whether the efforts of the federal government to help people quit smoking and to reduce the growing number of smokers, would actually be realized or remain a distant dream.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the proposed graphic images are simply ghastly in nature. In one of them, a person emitting smoke through a hole in his throat is depicted, while in another, a man who died of lung cancer is displayed with his body sewn up. One of the main reasons why the Food and Drug Administration was all set to implement such graphic labels on cigarette packs was to deter smokers from continuing with their habit. This was specially done to stop children and teenagers to get attracted to cigarettes. While tobacco companies are not at all in the favor of incorporating such images on cigarette packs, the fact remains that anti tobacco organizations are in favor of such images.

Most anti tobacco organizations are of the opinion that once such graphic labels would be incorporated on regular cigarette packs, people would automatically reduce their cigarette consumption, as they would be reminded of the gruesome fate which awaits them, if they continue doing the same. Nonetheless, several other countries have begun incorporating graphic labels on cigarette packs in a bid to deter smokers from smoking cigarettes in the near future. This is why the United States government too is seeking a suitable mechanism to get their anti-tobacco efforts in the right track.