Intellicig, which is also officially known as CN Creative, is a health care group, which has developed several innovative and interesting health care equipments in the recent past. These products have actually permitted people from all over the globe to breathe a sigh of relief. In a recent development, CN Creative group has managed to raise a whooping $3.1 in a bid to develop an electronic cigarette, which is fortified with essential ingredients that can well term it as a medical electronic cigarette. One of the main reasons behind the development of the medical e cigarette is to treat smokers, who have been smoking regular cigarettes for a long time span.

This medical electric cigarette is also termed as a nicotine replacement therapy inhaler and it is considered to be a suitable alternative to regular cigarettes and it is also considered to be a suitable means of curing chain smokers who aspire to quit smoking but have failed miserably in their mission to do so. It has also been ascertained that CN Creative would be developing this e cigarette keeping in mind that this device needs to be used in smoking cessation programs which are actually performed under strict medical supervision. As per the company spokesperson, the medical e cigarette would be first filed under the regularity formalities in the United States, after which it shall be circulated globally.

This nicotine replacement therapy should be ideally incorporated in the global system within this year itself. The owners of this company, David Newns as well as Chris Lord, seemed thrilled at their invention and apparently, they are of the opinion that this method would actually help people from all across the globe benefit to a great extent. These medical electronic cigarettes are selling in over 26 countries worldwide. Their main office is based in Manchester, wherein the firm has hired 40 people to undertake and supervise the official procedure. The warehouse is located in Accrington..

As per the company spokesperson, the overall revenues of Intellicig should be crossing the 2 billion pound mark by then end of 2012, which is undoubtedly higher than last year’s 1.7 million pound revenue. As per the owners of Intellicig, the plan was to increase the staff of the company from 40 to over a 100 strong, before this year end. Smoking has taken the world by storm and more and more people, especially youngsters, are getting hooked to smoking cigarettes with each passing day. Undoubtedly, smoking regular cigarettes is harmful for the human body, which is why smokers are now seeking a suitable alternative to tobacco cigars.

An electronic cigarette is a suitable alternative to smoking regular cigarettes and it is also cheaper than regular cigarettes. It has also been reported that more and more smoking enthusiasts are making a switch to these smokeless devices as they are free from tobacco. A single cigarette on the other hand contains over 4000 highly toxic chemicals, which are released when the cigarette is lit. On the other hand, all that emits from an e cig is harmless water vapor. This is why smokers prefer puffing on an electric cigarette nowadays.