E cigarette is looked upon as the “best thing” that ever happened for a chain smoker. This is evident from the statistical data which portrays the phenomenal increase in the overall sales of electric cigarettes in the recent past. Nonetheless, the biggest question which has arisen in the minds of smoking enthusiasts from across the globe is whether electronic cigarettes are indeed an effective nicotine replacement therapy. The answer to this question is “yes, it can turn out to be an effective nicotine replacement therapy, if appropriated wisely”.

Nonetheless, without a shadow of a doubt, an electric cigarette is much more than just a meager nicotine replacement therapy. There is no question about the fact that these devices are much more effective when compared to gum or nicotine patches. In fact, most chain smokers who have switched from tobacco cigarettes to e cigs, have clearly stated that they are happier smoking e cigarettes as it helps them feel better as compared to when they did while smoking regular ones.

E cigarettes are without a shadow of a doubt much more effective when it comes to delivering the much needed “nicotine hit” to smokers. This is also the main reason why even die hard chain smokers prefer switching to e cigs rather than sticking on to tobacco cigarettes and harming their health as well as the health of their friends and family on a daily basis. Besides, as electric cigarettes do not contain tobacco, they do not produce smoke and release harmful gasses in the atmosphere. This helps maintain the overall safety of the environment and reduces the ill effects of global warming.

When a comparison is made between the usual nicotine replacement therapies and e cigarettes, without a shadow of a doubt, electronic cigarettes emerge as a clear winner in all respects. Not only do they help chain smokers in quitting tobacco smoking and adopting a cleaner and better smoking methodology, they also ensure that this change is permanent in nature and not temporary. Nonetheless, you need to be clear that nicotine addiction cannot be termed as a disease which needs a replacement therapy. In fact, nicotine is essential for performing the basic functions of a human body.

Electronic cigarettes are made in such a manner that the concerned individual has an ability to choose the nicotine strength as per his/her choice. E cigarettes are available with 0 mgs nicotine levels and you also get e cigarettes that have 36mgs of nicotine levels. Hence, the final choice lies in the hands of the end user.

To get your hands on the best electronic cigarette and to join the crusade against a tobacco free world, switch to e cigarettes instead of the regular ones.