Electronic cigarette is a suitable alternative to regular tobacco smoking and they are preferred by millions of smokers the world over. One of the main reasons why smokers prefer smoking an electronic cigarette and not the regular ones is because of the very simple reason that they do not contain tobacco. In the absence of tobacco, the ills related to tobacco smoking are well taken care of. Besides, as this device functions on an electronic mechanism, the chances of any smoke emitting off an e cigarette is impossible. All it emits is water vapor which in turn is harmless in nature.

As an electric cigarette is devoid of smoke, tar as well as tobacco, it definitely helps you steer clear of chronic respiratory infections that are usually associated with smoking tobacco. Here, the carcinogenic problems associated with tobacco smoking are absent. Nonetheless while smoking these, you need to be careful and pay particular attention towards ensuring that the fluid is always in theĀ atomizerĀ before you start smoking. Ever since regular cigarettes were declared injurious to health by the surgeon general, smoking companies have devised ways and means of ensuring that their products are manufactured in such a manner that they end up producing lesser amounts of tar as well as smoke. Nonetheless, not even a single product has been able to match the might of the electronic cigarettes as yet.

While e cigarettes cannot be termed as a device which helps people quit smoking, it has been observed that chain smokers who are habitual of smoking tobacco on a regular basis have indeed benefited by switching to electric cigarettes and then lowering their daily consumption by varying the nicotine levels in their e cigs. As smokers can choose from high, medium to low levels of nicotine strengths, the fact remains that a smoker has the added advantage of smoking nicotine as per his/her requirements. This in turn can actually help people quit chain smoking permanently.

The biggest advantage of smoking an electronic cigarette is the throat stimulation which nicotine enables users to feel while they are smoking these. When compared to the throat stimulation which is produced while you smoke regular cigarettes, without a shadow of a doubt, e cigs too produce the same sensation. This helps even chain smokers relate to the smoking sensations experienced while smoking e cigarettes and helps them make a permanent switch from harmful tobacco filled cigarettes to the tobacco-free electric cigarette.