It has been reported that lung cancer is very aggressive in nature and is mainly caused by the offensive second hand smoke, which in turn is a handiwork of regular cigarettes. While it is very difficult to detect lung cancer for the very simple reason that it is tough to detect small cells in the lung area, the fact remains that deaths owing to this cancer are relatively high. As per the latest statistical reports, it has been ascertained that over 68.8% of all smokers in the world have expressed their desire to quit smoking regular cigarettes. This is when their natural urge to continue smoking cigarettes is being fulfilled by the use of electronic cigarettes.

Lung Cancer and Smoking

While several smokers are switching to electronic cigarettes, yet the number of regular smokers is very high and this is why people from all walks of lives are still under the risk of contracting diseases such as the fatal lung cancer. This is one of the main reasons why people from all walks of lives are now realizing the dangers of smoking cigarettes and have started making a permanent switch to smoking smokeless cigarettes. It has been medically proven that smoking is the main cause behind 90% of all lung cancer cases in the world today. This is again an alarming fact, which needs to be tackled very carefully and smoking regular cigarettes should be stopped permanently.

It has been noticed that people from all walks of lives should always try and opt for methods which are free from the deadly tobacco and also offer choice with regards to selecting their own levels of nicotine. This can only be provided through the means of electronic cigarettes. A regular cigarette unleashes over 4000 toxic chemicals into the lungs of the smoker as well as in the air, which is then inhaled by a non smoker as well. From the 4000 toxic chemicals, over 40 are known to be cancer causing in nature. Some statistical studies have stated that over 70 carcinogens found in cigarette smoke are cancer causing in nature.

Apparently, this is one of the main reasons why so many people are getting infected by lung cancer. Several billion dollars are spent yearly by the United States alone in a bid to curb the rising menace which is attached to smoking regular cigarettes. In order to stop this menace, the most appropriate solution would be to quit smoking cigarettes and adopt electronic cigarettes instead.