Johnny Depp is amongst several other leading top Hollywood film stars, who have been seen puffing on an electronic cigarette lately. Apparently, the main reason why leading Hollywood celebrities have been seen puffing on an e cigarette is simply because they have started to take good care of their health. Without a shadow of a doubt, it is a well known fact that smoking regular cigarettes is considered fatal for the human body and people from all sections of the society nowadays prefer to steer clear of smoking cigarettes, which contain tobacco. This is one of the main reasons why an electric cigarette is fast gaining popularity and is all set to achieve an iconic status.

Cigarette smoking is symbolic to several chronic ailments which include respiratory tract infections, cardiac troubles as well as cancers of various kinds. It is owing to the highly toxic fumes that emit from tobacco cigarettes which are known to cause such ailments in the human body. Owing to this very reason, people from all walks of lives nowadays prefer to quit smoking regular cigarettes and have started to puff on an e cigarette instead. An e cig is free from tobacco and it is also known to be completely smokeless in nature. Owing to this very reason, even die hard chain smokers have started to consider switching over to electric cigarettes after having quit smoking regular cigarettes permanently.

Johnny Depp is a world famous actor who was seen puffing on an e cig during the shoot of the movie “The Tourist”. Not only did the movie showcase a scene in which the actor can be seen puffing on an e cig in a train compartment, it has also been noticed that Johnny was often seen puffing on this smokeless device even while he was taking a break from his hectic shooting scenes. This simply allows us to realize the immense popularity as well as the potential of an electronic cigarette. This smokeless device has become so popular that even leading Hollywood stars have started to make use of it on a regular basis. An e cig is also a hot favorite of Johnny Depp, as he probably realized the dangers associated with smoking regular cigarettes.

Johnny Depp is known the world over as a die hard chain smoker and those who are close to the star reveal just how deep this addiction goes. Most of his close associates were particularly worried about the excessive smoking habit which had plagued the superstar for several years. Nonetheless, ever since the electronic cigarette was launched in the international market, even leading Hollywood celebrities such as Johnny started to realize the benefits of puffing on an e cig. The biggest advantage which people feel when they have permanently made a switch to puffing on an e cigarette is that they can now continue smoking cigarettes without bothering to spoil their health in any manner.

When fans of Johnny Depp see him puff on an electric cigarette, then they too appreciate this switch over and make an attempt to follow the footsteps of their leading star. For the common man, the switch to an electric cigarette proves to be cost effective as well. This is because an e cig is way cheaper than regular cigarettes.