Leading Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio was seen smoking several high quality electronic cigarettes in New York. Apparently, he was spotted on a bicycle smoking an e cigarette when he came out in the morning to roam around in New York. Accompanying him were his buddies Tobey Maguire, Lukas Hass and Kevin Dillon. Apparently, they all were busy riding cycles in a bid to enjoy the whether and exercise their minds and bodies alike. Without a shadow of a doubt, it clearly showed that the 37 year old actor has his mind set on trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle by riding a bicycle and ensuring that he steered clear of regular cigarettes.

The first time the media spotted Leonardo smoking an e cigarette was on March 6’th. A few days, later, on March 8’th, he was once again seen smoking an electric cigarette while getting hold of some Chinese food. This incident took place in Los Angeles. Once again, he was traveling with some friends. With an FAU cap adorning his head, the Hollywood star seemed to be having a gala time smoking electric cigarettes as he was seen puffing away with vigor. By the way he looked, it appeared as though he was enjoying smoking e cigs much more than he did when he smoked regular ones. This is undoubtedly a positive step by this Hollywood heartthrob, who has been known to be a chain smoker.

Known for his exceptional role in the blockbuster movie, “The Titanic”, Leonardo has gone a long way and has finally become an established film actor. He has worked in hit movies like “Deception” and “Gangs of New York”, besides several others. He is exceptionally remembered for his role in the movie, “The Aviator”. Nonetheless, what caught our attention was his ability to quit smoking regular cigarettes, which he apparently was very fond of and take a wise decision of moving towards smoking e cigs instead.

Moving to electric cigarette has its own benefits. The first of course is the absence of tobacco, which as you all know, is considered to be a fatal agent. Secondly, there is no smoke, which definitely is a saving grace for the planet. Without a shadow of a doubt, Leonardo was smoking e cigs for the sake of his health. He may also be doing so to ensure that he sets an example for others to quit tobacco and adopt a safer alternative. He also wishes to keep the planet safe from the hazardous tobacco smoke. If Leonardo can switch to e cigarettes, so can you.

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