E cigarette is a device which uses electrical energy to ignite a cigarette and helps you enjoy the much needed “nicotine hit” without you having to bother about inhaling the deadly tobacco smoke in return. As electronic cigarettes do not use tobacco, they are completely devoid of harmful carcinogens and other toxic chemicals which can cause severe harm to the human body besides polluting the atmosphere is a big way. When you smoke an electric cigarette, you need to ensure that the cartridge is attached to your device, else the much awaited “nicotine hit” would evade you.

lesser known facts on e cigarette cartridge and flavors

An e cig cartridge in reality is a small reservoir, which contains liquid nicotine. There have been several instances wherein smokers are unaware of the functionality as well as the significance of a cartridge and have therefore been simply careless with regards to the usage and functionality of the device they are actually using. More often than not, a cartridge is made from plastic and it is disposable in nature. The cartridge has two openings and hence, it is a container which opens on both ends. The two ends of the cartridge are strategically placed in two different objects. One end attaches itself with the atomizer while the other end goes into the mouth of the smoker.

The main function of the cartridge is to ensure that the e liquid is kept safely and is supplied first to the atomizer and then to the mouth of the smoker. This small reservoir also ensures that the end user does not have the face the perils of a possible nicotine spill. To avoid this scenario, the cartridge is equipped with a small spongy substance which helps absorb liquid nicotine in case of a possible spill and keeps it away from the mouth of the end user. The sponge usually rests on a casing which is made either from rubber or plastic. The mouth piece of the cartridge happens to have two small channels which help pass vapor outside. So, when you puff, the vapor would emit from those slits and disburse in the atmosphere.

It is important to note that a cartridge has a limited quantity of e liquid and when it finishes, the smoker has the ability to get it refilled. Nonetheless, if you want, you can also throw it and use another cartridge, although this practice is seldom applied. Most smoking enthusiasts prefer using a cartridge that can be refilled.

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