The EverSmoke electronic cigarette brand is considered amongst the best in the electronic cigarette niche. While there are several brands available in the international market and many new faces are appearing with each passing day, the charm of EverSmoke never refuses to diminish with time.


The EverSmoke reviews posted at have categorically stated that this brand has all the essential ingredients which allow smoking enthusiasts to relish the true taste as well as flavors of an e cigarette. So, let us discus the main features of an EverSmoke electronic cigarette in greater detail:


The Crystal Tip- The first and most defining feature of this e cig is its crystal tip, which is orange in color. This orange LED light is supposed to glow each time you take a puff, thereby making your e cigarette resemble a real cigarette.


Powerful Battery- EverSmoke reviews have also mentioned the battery of this e cig, which apparently is supposed to be really powerful and extremely efficient in providing ample amounts of puffs to the end user. The battery is available in various colors and sizes and it is developed to provide maximum vapor content to the end user.


In-Built Atomizer- The EverSmoke review has also mentioned the built-in automizer, which in turn is capable of allowing smokers to relish the true flavor of puffing an electric cigarette without them getting hassled in the act. In simpler terms, you get to avail a fresh atomizer with each e cigarette. This undoubtedly heightens the flavor as well as the volume of vapor content of each individual e cig.

EverSmoke e cigarette

EverSmoke e cigarette


Refill Cartridges- This brand of e cigs manufactures cartridges that are equipped with the latest VaporMax technology, in a bid to ensure that the flavors included in the cartridge is simply awesome. As per the brand spokesperson, the VaporMax technology is unique and it is not present in any other e cigarette brand available internationally.


The Special Tip of the E Cig- EverSmoke electronic cigarette has also included a special silicon tip to each of its electronic cigarettes. This has been done to ensure that liquid nicotine never leaks into the mouth of the end user. This tip has a single hole, which in turn allows the smoking enthusiasts to relish the true feel of puffing an e cigarette.