There are several reasons why smoking enthusiasts the world over would consider quitting smoking regular cigarette, nonetheless, each and every smoker has his/her own personal reason, which in turn prompts him/her to consider quitting tobacco smoking permanently. It has also been stated that the main adverse health effects that have been considered symbolic to smoking tobacco cigarettes are known to most smoking enthusiasts the world over. Nonetheless, there are a few more reasons, which may sound fairly common, yet are usually ignored by chain smokers, when they express their desire to quit smoking cigarettes permanently.

The first adverse health effect caused by smoking tobacco cigarettes is the possibility of contracting blindness. This fact is often ignored by smokers and they seem to consider it as a farce of sorts. Nonetheless, in reality, it is a threat which actually exists and is very much relevant for smokers. It has also been clinically proven that people who smoke cigarettes are highly likely to damage their eyes to a great extent and at times or meet with an accident, which in turn may damage their eyes to a great extent.

Another adverse side effect of smoking regular cigarettes is heartburn. Without a shadow of a doubt, not many people are really aware that smoking cigarettes can actually cause a problem with your heart but in reality, it certainly does all that and much more- in extreme cases, cigarette smoking can lead to a cardiac arrest as well. This is why smoking enthusiasts need to be very careful with regards to smoking tobacco or even chewing it on a regular basis. In fact, an attempt needs to be made to ensure that smoking enthusiasts quit smoking cigarettes for the sake of their healthy heart functionality.

The third side affects of smoking regular cigarettes is impotency. While this connection is still being debated, the fact remains the smoking enthusiasts have consulted several clinical researchers and have reached to a conclusion which states that smokers may seriously be in some serious trouble with regards to getting impotent, if they continue to smoke cigarettes on a regular basis. Hence, if you happen to be a male and you seriously do not wish to spoil your sex life, then without a shadow of a doubt, you need to ensure that you do something by which you do not get impotent, which in turn implies that you need to quit smoking.

Last but not the least; it has been clinically proven that smokers often suffer from depression. In fact, some researchers are of the opinion that people who start smoking cigarettes often suffer from an acute need for nicotine, which in turn forces them to become stressed. When this nicotine urge is delayed owing to any reason, it transforms into acute depression, which does not leave the smoker until and unless he/she has managed to smoke a cigarette.

An electronic cigarette is what experts recommend in such a scenario. E cigs are safer as they do not contain tobacco. Besides, e cigarettes are smokeless devices, which are safe for the environment as well. An electric cigarette also helps the smoker save money, which is why they are preferred over tobacco cigarettes.