Smoking cigarettes is a taboo and so is the case with smoking other related products such as marijuana as well as hash or chemicals. Nonetheless, the fact remains that smoking marijuana is not harmful for the human lungs. As per a recent study, it was found that smoking marijuana, even though the individual may be smoking it for several years, does not impair the regular functionality of the lungs in any manner. Although, marijuana has been deemed as an illicit drug and it is ideally banned from being legally used, the fact remains that people from all walks of lives, especially those who love to intoxicate their bodies regularly, prefer smoking this drug on a regular basis. With the advancement in technology and the hectic lifestyles that people often lead, it has been ascertained that marijuana has become the latest fad for adults from across the globe.

A recent medical study revealed the alarming fact that several marijuana users included school children who were still in high school. This is what led people from all walks of lives, especially researchers to assess the overall worth as well as danger quotient of smoking marijuana and its impact on those who are habitual of smoking it on a regular basis. As per Dr. Stefan Kertesz, who also happens to be associated with University of Alabama, “Smokers who smoked marijuana seemed to have better lung functionality as compared to non smokers, as the air flow within their lungs was smoother as compared to those individuals who did not smoke at all.” Nonetheless, there were several studies which stated that marijuana smoking also blocked the passage of the lungs, which in turn irritated the lung passage and caused severe respiratory tract infections in the longer run.

The study also revealed the fact that smoking marijuana also had an adverse effect in the learning as well as the grasping ability of human beings.  As this drug contains several toxic chemicals, not only does this lead to excessive coughing, it also hampers the person’s capacity of grasping or imbibing teachings or even simple tasks as carrying out their day to day routines in a simple and effective manner. Nonetheless, the lung performance of such individuals is highly effective and as per the study that was published in the Journal of American Medical Association, it was clearly revealed that most of the 5100 people who were interviewed had sound lung functionality despite smoking marijuana for over 20 years. Nonetheless, after 10 years of joint exposure, the overall lung functionality does tend to decline in several patients.

Apparently, the main reason why marijuana is not as dangerous as smoking regular cigarettes is because it contains THC, which in turn has anti inflammatory properties. Nonetheless, this drug does contain all other toxins, most of which are also found in regular cigarettes as well. It is a well known fact that people should ideally avoid smoking such illicit drugs, for the very simple reason that smoking toxins can be highly dangerous for the overall health of the concerned individual. Nonetheless, just like people have a fad for smoking tobacco cigarettes, some individuals simply cannot hope to live without their daily dose of marijuana as well. This is when the need of the hour is to device a mechanism using which people from all walks of lives can still continue to smoke but save themselves from getting stricken by chronic ailments which can also prove fatal in nature.

While smoking cigarettes is being ridiculed from several sections of the society, the fact remains that people still continue to smoke them on a regular basis. Apparently, the main reason why people continue to smoke cigarettes is because they are highly addictive in nature. Not only do people from all walks of lives prefer smoking cigarettes regularly, the fact remains that they also negate the adverse health effects of smoking these cigarettes. People from all walks of lives have also been known to cause chronic health ailments for those innocent passive smokers who would have otherwise been spared of the wrath of chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiac arrests as well as chronic respiratory tract infections. This is when the need of the hour is to allow smoking enthusiasts to puff on an electronic cigarette instead.

An e cigarette is considered to be an effective means of ensuring that people are able to smoke cigarettes without actually inhaling the chronic gasses and highly toxic chemicals which usually emit from regular cigarettes. An electric cigarette is smokeless and free from tobacco. At the same time, an e cig is also cheap and can be smoked freely even at public places.