It is today that three of the biggest tobacco giants in Canada have to face a lawsuit, which is amounting to a mind blowing $27 billion in damages. The trial which is all set to begin at Montreal, would reveal the true fate which lies ahead of these three tobacco giants, least they lose the trail. In case they do lose the trial, they would have no other choice but to cough up the huge amount of money, which is at stake and as mentioned above, amounts to a whooping twenty seven billion dollars in hard cash.

It has been reported that millions of top secret documents have been released and dispatched to plaintiffs by these companies following the trial. As per the lawyer of the plaintiffs, Bruce Johnston, “These documents would be made public, should the tobacco companies not emerge as clear winners in the trial. Apparently, these documents would also enable more and more anti-tobacco crusaders to take tobacco companies to court in the near future.” The four tobacco giants namely, JTI-Macdonald Corp, Tobacco Canada, Benson & Hedges and Rothmans, would now have to face trial against an allegations which states that they concealed secret information, which would have helped the public of Quebec to ascertain the true nature and the dangers associated with cigarette smoking.

By using false marketing strategies and permitting smokers to continue smoking cigarettes without revealing the true nature of the dangers involved while doing so, these tobacco companies have indeed jeopardized the trust of the public and left them helpless and completely on their own. Quebec residents are apparently not at all happy with what these tobacco giants have done to them, as this in turn jeopardizes their safety and questions their basic “right to knowledge”. In 1998, a similar case forced seven tobacco companies in USA to shell out $206 billion, which in turn has now helped Canadian lawyers to formulate a case against these four tobacco giants in Canada.

Senior policy analyst, Rob Cunningham, is also of the opinion that the USA trail, which also helped the public get their hands onto several secret documents that had been concealed by the seven charged tobacco companies, would in fact help more lawyers to file cases against tobacco manufacturing companies. The QMI Agency also stated that the trial would be made public and an international audience would have the privilege of watching it live. In this particular case, the Canadian Government happens to be the defendant, which implies that if the tobacco companies are to lose this case, they shall ask the government to pay for the lawsuit damages by merely taking the Canadian government to the court.

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