The EverSmoke Mini Battery is a class apart. It is known to be making use of Lithium Ion technology, which in turn is supposed to be the latest technology that is being incorporated in e cigarette batteries. This is one of the main reasons why electronic cigarettes manufactured by EverSmoke have a distinct flavor and definitely more vapor content attached to them. The Mini Battery is undoubtedly the smallest battery here and it closely resembles both the manual as well as the automatic batteries. Hence, it is a unique blend of both, which in turn ensures that it always looks pretty on you.


This mini battery is similar to a traditional cigarette and you have the choice of either opting for a manual or an automatic version. This e cig battery has a metal screw located at one end, which in turn can be screwed onto the atomizer. A LED light is located on the other side of the electric cigarette, which in turn ensures that each time you puff, the tip glows a brilliant orange. This in turn ensures that you feel as though you are smoking a real cigarette. Besides glowing, it also starts to flash when the battery is low and in need for a recharge. Hence, you are always alerted of the same.

EverSmoke Mini Battery 

The EverSmoke electric cigarette battery is 100mm in length and it is capable of providing the end user with over 175 puffs. The available colors include stainless steel, white and black. At the same time, you have the option of either going in for the automatic battery or the manual one. When you make use of the automatic mini battery, then you automatically activate the microchip located within the battery, which in turn activates the atomizer and it starts to produce vapor.


If you wish to enjoy thick vapor content, the first puff needs to be deep, followed by subsequent normal puffs. In the case of the manual battery, you need to press a small button located onto the mini battery to activate it. While vapor creation is more in a manual battery, it lasts 25% less as compared to an automatic battery.