People in the United States have always been fighting for a cause which permitted smokers from not smoking cigarettes in multi level building complexes. Nonetheless, till now, there is no such law which permits people in the United States to quit smoking within their apartment complexes. Nonetheless, several petitions have been filed with regards to the same bill and people from all across America, especially passive smokers, are of the opinion that they be spared of the wrath (deadly smoke) which smokers unleash while smoking regular cigarettes in public. There was a bill which was known as California Senate Bill 332 that was passed in January this year, which has passed the current bill stating that now Californian landowners have the right to stop smokers from smoking cigarettes within their building premises.

This bill was signed by Jerry Brown, who happens to be the governor of the state as well. While this does not imply that smokers cannot smoke within building complexes, the law certainly states that now landlords have the right to stop smokers from smoking within the building complexes. This is what has helped a vast majority of the passive smoking population to heave a sigh of relief as now they have the added advantage of breathing clean and green air without actually bothering to head to the nearest open park in return. Apparently, this is one of the main reasons why people from all walks of lives have begun smoking cigarettes which do not have the required tobacco content and also those which do not emit the offensive second hand smoke in return.

Smoking cigarettes is not only harmful for the individual who indulges in smoking these but it is even more harmful for that individual who happens to inhale the deadly second hand smoke which usually emits from regular cigarettes. A single cigarette contains over 4000 known chemicals of which 67 have been confirmed as carcinogens. It has been proven time and again that carcinogens have cancer causing tendencies and hence, you need to avoid using them at all times. This is one of the main reasons why most smokers often complain of chest problems, chronic respiratory infections as well as cancer of the lips, the lung area, the mouth as well as the throat and the pancreas. Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the main reason why even die hard chain smokers started quitting smoking regular cigarettes and started to smoke e cigarettes instead.

An e cigarette is not only free from tobacco, it also happens to be free from smoke and smokers often claim that this device proves to be way cheaper than regular cigarettes as well. With the new law which permits landowners to ban smokers from smoking regular cigarettes within the premise of their building complexes, the fact remains that people from all walks of lives have been granted the privilege of breathing air which is not only clean but also free from the highly toxic fumes produced by smoking of traditional tobacco filled cigarettes.