Smoking cigarettes has been deeded as an anti social act. It is an activity which people from all walks of lives truly detest and would do anything to steer clear off. Nonetheless, the number of people taking up cigarette smoking is increasing with each passing day and this clearly shows the rising popularity of regular cigarettes. Apparently, the main reason which is being cited for the growing influx of tobacco smokers the world over is the iconic status which is attached to smoking a regular cigarette. Most people, especially teenagers, are still under the opinion that if they smoke cigarettes, they are actually displaying their maturity levels or their masculinity to the entire world.


It has also been noticed that people from all walks of lives have started to switch to smoking electronic cigarettes after having quit regular cigarettes. Apparently, most individuals are nowadays quite aware of the perils associated with smoking cigarettes and hence, they have now started to avoid smoking cigarettes and opt for e cigarettes, as the latter is a safer option. In order to raise the awareness levels with regards to the dangers associated with smoking cigarettes, anti smoking authorities have started to conduct workshops wherein they explain the dangers of smoking cigarettes. Nonetheless, the biggest myth which smokers harbor is with regards to smokeless tobacco. It needs to be noticed that smokeless tobacco is a product, which is considered less harmful in comparison to the traditional cigarettes.

It also needs to be noted that even though smokeless tobacco is not smoked, the dangers associated with smokeless tobacco are similar in nature and as seriousness as the dangers which are linked to regular cigarettes. It has been clinically proven that smokeless tobacco is harmful for your health and it is also the leading cause for oral cancers in human beings. Cancers of the gums, the cheeks, the roof of the mouth, the lips as well as the tongue are mostly caused by smokeless tobacco usage. Cancers of the pancreas, the esophagus, the larynx, as well as stomach are also caused when the pancreatic juices are stuffed into the body for a prolonged time period. Tooth decay as well as gum recession is also fairly common occurrence in people who consume smokeless tobacco on a regular basis.

In order to avoid falling prey to all these diseases, the concerned smoker should always try and understand that he should quit using smokeless tobacco at the earliest given opportunity. For this to happen, the concerned substance abuser should simply avoid falling for the urge which forces individuals to start consuming tobacco in the first place. Medical researchers have also stated that by chewing gum, which is free from sugar and by consuming sunflower seeds, the concerned tobacco user can reduce his overall tobacco intake considerably. It has also been recommended that the concerned smoker should delay his urge to consume tobacco by putting his mind elsewhere.


Using electronic cigarettes is also considered a suitable substitute to chewing tobacco. An e cigarette is free from tobacco but it contains adequate amounts of nicotine content. The nicotine present in an electric cigarette is devoid of carcinogens which cause cancer. It is therefore highly recommended that smokers consume e cigs on a regular basis, instead of chewing tobacco or smoking traditional cigarettes.