As per several reports and research studies, it has been ascertained that electronic cigarettes are way better than smoking regular cigarettes and undoubtedly much better than nicotine patches, when it comes to assessing the best nicotine replacement therapy available in the international market today. While Chantix has been considered as a suitable drug to suppress the nicotine urge in smokers, it simply does not help in curing the problem from its root and allows it to resurface with a greater vengeance once the concerned individual stops consuming Chantix.

nicotine patch

As per the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, the use of smokeless cigarettes is far more effective with regards to providing a suitable alternative to regular smoking. This report was made public after a survey was performed which sought detailed information on all possible nicotine replacement therapies that could help a smoker get rid of his awful habit permanently. Apparently, the main reason why e cigarettes are considered one of the best nicotine replacement therapies is because these devices lead to no tar, ash or smoke. They are also cheaper in price when compared to regular cigarettes and can be smoked as and when the need arises without forcing the smoking enthusiast to rush to a special smoking zone for the same.

In another study which was conducted by the Boston University, it was revealed that as compared to gum and patches, electronic cigarettes may prove to be a better means of helping smokers quit smoking tobacco cigarettes permanently. The research which was headed by Michael Siegel, had involved 5000 people in the survey. These happened to be first time smokers of e cigarettes. The study was conducted over a period of two weeks and six months later, it was found that 67% of all smokers who smoked e cigarettes had cut down on their daily dose of cigarettes while 34% had completely stopped smoking or using nicotine related aid completely.

As compared to 67% success rate of smokers who used electronic cigarettes, those who used patches or gums reported a success rate of 16%. This is a clear reminder of the fact that when you smoke an e cigarette, not only do you manage to avail the pleasure of smoking a device which provides the much needed “nicotine hit”, you also manage to ensure that you smoke a device which is free from tobacco, ash or tar and therefore, healthier when compared to smoking regular cigarettes or using a gum or a patch, by a wide margin.