New York Times have reported that electronic cigarettes are a suitable means of helping people quit smoking tobacco and hence, these can be termed as a suitable nicotine replacement therapy products, which are now fairly popular amongst the masses. The article which was published in the New York Times, stated that vaping in Italy was actually being used to help chain smokers get over their habit of smoking tobacco.

In the recent past, smoking cigarettes has been termed as one of the most hazardous activities in the entire world, which is responsible for taking millions of lives worldwide on an annual basis. Even the World Health Organization has stepped in and has taken several strong steps to contain smoking cigarettes by having graphic labels as well as the statutory warning signs to be pasted on the cigarette packs.

Taking cue from the tobacco menace, Italian researchers have come to the conclusion that unless and until people from all walks of lives get together and stop smoking cigarettes altogether, the chance of finding relief from the ill effects of smoking regular cigarettes is simply an impossible task. In a very recent development, it was ascertained that cigarettes that were being smoked in the United States alone were responsible for taking the lives of over 5 million individuals annually. This is what led the Italian research staff to conduct their own researches and come to the conclusion that e cigarettes were indeed capable of ensuring that chain smokers quit smoking the natural way.

A team of research individuals belonging to the University of Catania and lead by Riccardo Polosa, came to the common conclusion that e cigarettes helped smokers quit their bad habit. Apparently, the 40 odd subjects, who happened to be hardcore chain smokers, recruited for the same task, benefited highly when they were switched to smoking e cigs instead of tobacco.

Apparently, this changed the entire scenario and allowed people from all walks of lives to realize the importance of smoking e cigs instead of tobacco. In fact, Italian smokers were of the opinion that they could now smoke electric cigarettes without bothering to get affected by the offensive second hand smoke or inhaling the deadly tobacco smoke while relishing their daily smoke.

Smoking regular cigarettes is not only harmful for the health of the smoker but it is also known to cause irreparable damage to others surrounding the smoker through the means of the offensive second hand smoke. Nonetheless, with the introduction of e cigarettes, smoking has now become an enjoyable act.