We all know that electronic cigarettes have helped millions of chain smokers quit tobacco and adopt a healthier smoking alternative. Besides helping people to quit smoking and lead a healthy and fulfilling life, e cigarettes also help in ensuring that the environment is no longer spruced with harmful smoke which in turn can aggravate the already precarious global warming scenario. Tobacco smoke, as you all may be aware, contains the poisonous carbon dioxide gas which penetrates the ozone layer leading to several diseases such as skin cancer. Besides, tobacco smoke also contains hundreds of harmful carcinogens, which too cause cancer.

While opting for electric cigarettes is undoubtedly a better option when compared to smoking the deadly tobacco cigarettes, the brownie point which you all may have overlooked while smoking e cigs is the ability to smoke these just about any place you feel. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, which can only be smoked either in the safe confines of your home or in special smoking zones, the e cigarette can be smoked in public places as well. Hence, no matter whether you are traveling in a train or shopping for clothes in the local mall, there is no law that can stop you from smoking your favorite electric cigarettes in full public view. Do you know the main reason why it is legally permitted to smoke e cigs even while you are on board a flying airplane?

Well, the reason why you can smoke these devices even when you are on a flight is simply because as per the law, you can smoke any device which does not cause smoke or for that matter, happens to be non-polluting in nature. Now an e cigarette does not cause smoke. All that emits when you smoke these devices is harmless water vapor. At the same time, without smoke, there is no chance of these polluting the environment. This is apparently the main reason why even leading celebrities are smoking e cigs while shopping, while eating or even while taking breaks from their movies. The best part about these devices is that they always manage to deliver the much wanted “nicotine hit” without including the deadly tobacco in their arsenal.

So, if you really want to stop smelling like an ashtray and wish to steer clear of all the fatal diseases that are linked to tobacco smoke, simply make a permanent switch to the healthier and non polluting Electronic Cigarettes TODAY!