Phillip Morris is a leading manufacturer of tobacco cigarettes and it has often come in news with regards to its administration challenging the very authority of the government with regards to the concept of plain packaging. This has in turn been questioned by the Australian government and has been termed as corporate restructuring module, which the government feels has been initiated by none other than the corporate giant, Phillip Morris Inc. As per the company spokesperson, the Asian region managed by this tobacco giant had indeed gone ahead and filed arbitration with none other than the UN tribunal with regards to the government’s alleged banning of certain colors, logos as well as branding procedures adopted by Philip Morris Asia Ltd.

It is interesting to note that even the Marlboro cigarette brand is manufactured by Philip Morris and is supplied to all Asian regions. As per the company spokesperson, the proposed bill against plain packaging is not permissible as it violates the trade agreement which was signed between Hong Kong as well as the Australian government. One of the main reasons why this agreement was signed was to ensure that the offshore trade was saved from being termed non-profitable and well taken care off. Owing to the packaging crisis, the Australian Government stated that Philip Morris had no choice but to transfer the ownership to its Hong Kong counterpart. While the war is an ongoing process and would never end, the fact remains that this clearly highlights the plight of the tobacco industry.

While at one end, the government is trying its level best to curb the menace being caused by regular cigarettes, on the other hand, it is simply unable to succumb to the pressure which is being caused by strong tobacco groups and is therefore unable to really strike it big in any way. The Phillip Morris case is a clear example with regards to the government being unable to do something substantial with regards to trying and imposing its decision against the strong tobacco manufacturing countries from across the globe. In the United States, the law seems to be getting stricter, yet is not strict enough to ensure that the tobacco manufacturers are put in their shoes. Apparently, the bill which was initiated to force cigarette manufacturers to add graphic labels such as people suffering from lung cancer after having smoked a regular cigarette is not being implemented and is still under consideration.

If the question revolves around Phillip Morris and its operations in Australia, then it would not be incorrect to state that this manufacturing giant employees over 800 people in Australia alone and this in turn has forced the government on the back foot. As per the legal claim put forth by this tobacco manufacturing giant, if it is to make any headway, it is sure to reap the rewards of billions of dollars. Apparently, the alleged arbitration is forcing even the government to take a step back and restudy their plan of action, before revising it in such a manner that it suits the likes of both parties. Nonetheless, this does make it fairly clear that people from all walks of lives need to try and understand that smoking a cigarette is undoubtedly the most harmful act an individual can indulge in. This habit needs to be broken or at least a suitable alternative provided to chain smokers, which is safer and permanent in nature.

As per latest statistical reports, people from all walks of lives, especially chain smokers, are now making a switch towards electronic cigarettes. Apparently, the health dangers associated with smoking regular cigarettes are far too great and this in turn is prompting people to quit smoking cigarettes and adopt a suitable alternative, which not only helps fulfill their nicotine cravings but also ensures that they are able to smoke freely without getting adversely affected in any manner. An e cigarette is without a shadow of a doubt, the most suitable means of ensuring that people from all walks of lives are being provided with an alternative which is not only safer but also cheaper and much more effective with regards to delivering the much needed nicotine hit to the end user.

Besides being safer as compared a regular cigarette, an electric cigarette is also considered to be free from the monetary hassles. In simple words, an e cig is one third the price of an original cigarette and hence, it is a boon for the budget conscious smokers. At the same time, it is an official fact that an e cigarette is free to be smoked anywhere, which in turn includes public places as well.