According to the latest statistical records, over 1,60,000 people in the United Kingdom start to smoke regular cigarettes annually. This number is more than adequate to fill over 5000 classrooms. Undoubtedly an alarming fact, most children who start smoking cigarettes fall in the age groups of 11 to 15 years. As per the Cancer Research in the United Kingdom, this number is adequate to fill over 14,000 football teams. As per an agency which is promoting plain packaging of cigarettes, it has been confirmed that eight out of ten people start smoking cigarettes even before they turn nineteen years of age.

It has also been revealed that almost a million strong individuals who fall under the age bracket of fifteen years have smoked a cigarette at least once in their entire lifetime. Interestingly, one percent of 12 year olds were noticed smoking cigarettes regularly. As per the year 2010 reports, almost 3% of all 13 year olds were smoking cigarettes on a regular basis. The director of Cancer Research UK states that more and more young children have begun smoking cigarettes in the recent past, which in turn is rather alarming in nature.

Jean King, the director of Cancer Research UK, also stated that, “Tobacco companies are spending millions of dollars annually in trying to advertise their products in a suitable manner. Not only are they luring people to smoke cigarettes, they are also managing to win the hearts of young smokers by modifying their packaging strategy. Apparently, ever since smoking regular cigarettes in public places has been banned in most countries, the only means of advertising this product is through the medium of intelligent marketing via smart packaging and flawless marketing.”

As per the latest market research, it has been confirmed that if tobacco cigarette companies start to advertise their products through the means of plain packs, then new smoking enthusiasts who fall in the teenage group, would be deterred from smoking cigarettes on a regular basis. Research studies have also claimed that children, who smoked a regular cigarette when they were 11 years old were more likely to take up this habit as they grew older as compared to those 11 year old kids who were never exposed to smoking cigarettes. This clearly implies that children should be advised against smoking cigarettes. For this very reason, parents as well as the concerned counseling agencies need to be mobilized in a prompt and effective manner.

Whenever cigarette packs have attractive imprints, it has been noticed that children get highly attracted towards them. This is one of the main reasons why the total number of teenage smoking population is growing at warp speed. Undoubtedly, if the cigarette packaging is made dull and listless, more and more children would lose their interest and thus, the total number of teenage smokers would be reduced drastically. Apparently, this is the main reason why health authorities as well as anti-tobacco organizations have started to encourage government authorities to impose laws which deter tobacco manufacturers from making their cigarette packs alluring and more attractive.

Without a shadow of a doubt, smoking is an activity which is never going to stop. As per the latest statistical data, the total number of people who smoke cigarettes is slowly but steadily going to cross the two billion mark worldwide. This is an alarming figure and steps need to be taken to ensure that smoking is made safer and less hazardous. This can be achieved through the means of an electronic cigarette. An e cigarette is a smokeless device which is also free from tobacco. At the same time, an electric cigarette is also devoid of the cancer causing carcinogens. This clearly states that cheap e cigs are undoubtedly a suitable alternative to regular cigarettes.