Premium e cig is amongst the most popular electronic cigarette brands that are internationally available. In fact, this electric cigarette brand is considered symbolic to helping stubborn smokers to quit smoking regular cigarettes and opt for smokeless cigars instead. This is one of the vital reasons behind the growing popularity of this veteran e cigarette brand. Now, with the launch of the colored batteries, Premium e cigs is all set to establish an entirely new niche market for itself, especially in the area wherein chic and style is considered a prominent necessity by enthusiastic smokers.

Premium E Cig Colored batteries


These electronic cigarette batteries are available in a wide array of colors. Some of the most prominent ones include brown, green, indigo, orange, purple, white, black, platinum, blue, pink, green, burgundy and gold. Many of these e cig batteries are available in either manual or an automatic switch variety.  This has been done so as to ensure that smoking enthusiasts from all sections of the society are able to relish the true flavors of puffing on these smokeless devices, as per their personal conveniences. The biggest advantage of opting for these batteries is that you get to relish a suitable LED light to allow a more realistic smoking experience.


The Premium e cig review has also stated that smoking enthusiasts from all over the globe love to showcase their e cigarettes as a chic and stylish device. For example, you have the added benefit of enjoying a blue LED light when you opt for a battery that is black in color. Most of these colored electric cigarette batteries are available for $24.95 only. In fact, all these batteries are available for the same price, which in turn makes them highly affordable in nature. This is why more and more people have started to pick on them.


When the question regarding the main reason why these batteries were colored differently was raised, the company spokesperson simply stated that as an e cigarette is seen as the most suitable alternative to a traditional cigarette, the need to make an electric cigarette chic and stylish was vital. Apparently, this demand was also put forth by smoking enthusiasts. This allowed Premium e cigs to develop colorful batteries.