The Premium electronic cigarette is a well known brand of e cigarettes. In the international smoking niche, people from all walks of lives have been known to swear by this brand, for the simple reason that it is providing starter kits as well as e cig accessories of the highest standards at reasonable prices. The Ego Starter Kit, which in turn is manufactured by this brand, has also been mentioned in Premium electronic cigarette reviews as well. This kit is stated to be four times more powerful than the normal starter kits, which in turn are manufactured by the same brand.

Premium E Cigarette "Ego Starter Kit"

Premium E Cigarette “Ego Starter Kit”

Premium e cigarette reviews have categorically stated that the Ego Starter Kit is blessed with a high powered battery, which gives rise to thicker vapor volume and ensures that the nicotine flavors are fully relished by smoking enthusiasts the world over. The new and improved battery of this starter kit is stated to provide a whooping eight hundred puffs to the concerned individual in a single charge. At the same time, this battery is equipped with a specially designed power saving mode, which in turn allows the end user to conserve its battery life to a great extent. It has also been revealed that the Ego battery is equipped with a special sensor, which negates the possibility of over charging that can happen when the battery is fully charged yet it is still placed in charging mode, in haste. This in turn helps preserve the battery life to a great extent.


This Ego Starter Kit contains a wide range of goodies, which in turn includes a specially designed high powered battery, a USB charger, an AC as well as a USB adaptor, two cartomizers of premium quality as well as a specially designed premium carry case. While the battery may take five hours to get fully charged, the specially designed microchip ensures that the chances of a possible overcharge are completely negated. Most smoking enthusiasts who read Premium reviews are of the opinion that the Ego Starter Kit is one of the best starter kits to have been manufactured in the entire e cig industry. This is apparently the main reason why so many smoking enthusiasts from all across the globe have been known to opt for this starter kit.