Cigarette smoking is a menace, which is tough to control and the FDA is putting in all efforts to ensure that it allows cigarette smokers to learn the hardships faced while smoking cigarettes and the adverse health effects tobacco can have on the human body. Owing to this very reason, it was decided that graphic labels depicting the adverse ills effects of smoking tobacco on the human body, would be pasted onto cigarette packs, to ensure that people become aware of the chronic diseases which are directly linked to smoking tobacco. Nonetheless, this move was not approved off by tobacco manufactures and they moved a petition in court demanding that FDA should stop forcing them to paste graphic labels on the cigarette packs.

Obama and Anti Smoking

Apparently, the court ruled in the favor of cigarette manufacturers, allowing them to avoid pasting the graphic labels designed by the FDA on their packets. Nonetheless, this ruling was not liked by many anti-smoking groups. In fact, the most prominent figure, who seemed to dislike this, was none other than President Obama. Barack Obama was of the opinion that there were some tobacco manufacturers who simply did not with to accept the adverse health effects caused by cigarettes. As per the president, while the country had indeed made progress in ensuring that several addicts quit smoking by using aids such as an electronic cigarette, over 46 million were still tobacco smokers.

According to President Barack Obama, smoking and chewing tobacco is considered to be the biggest reason for preventive deaths in the country as well as the entire world. This is one of the main reasons why the need for ensuring that people quit smoking is of vital importance. It is well known that president Obama has agreed on the legislation, which helped smokers from starting off with their rampant smoking habits. Owing to this very simple reason, several campaigns were undertaken and effort made to ensure that cigarettes be smoked as less as possible. In fact, smoking cigarettes on public places has already been banned in most parts, forcing smokers to reconsider their decision to smoke in the very first place.

The best bet for helping smokers quit their habit of smoking cigarettes is to allow them to be able to smoke electronic cigarettes. These are smokeless devices which do not require a match and they also do not contain tobacco. Perfect in terms of allowing smokers to satisfy their nicotine cravings, e cigarettes are actually helping millions quit smoking the natural and permanent way.