Smoking cigarettes in public places is being banned in several places, which even include developing countries the world over. As per a recent survey, it was found that even people in developing nations are up in arms against smoking regular cigarettes in public places and are seeking the assistance from the concerned government authorities to place a ban on the usage of tobacco cigarettes in any place, which is frequented by the general public. While this is being seen as a positive step towards the development of such nations, developed nations such as America have gone a step ahead and have introduced more stringent regulations with regards to not permitting individuals to smoke even within a housing complex.


Several federally subsidized apartments in the United States have been known to impose a ban against smoking cigarettes within their compounds. The Auburn housing complex is a classic example of such a scenario, wherein the residents as well as visitors are not permitted to smoke cigarettes within the complex. Apparently, when you enter this complex, you would see a sign board which clearly states that in order to smoke a cigarette, you need to be standing twenty five feet away from the building complex. It was in the year 2004 when this housing complex made history by becoming the first society which did not encourage smoking cigarettes within its premises. Undoubtedly, this housing complex was serving as a role model for several others to follow and soon, more and more societies followed suit and stopped residents as well as visitors from smoking regular cigarettes within the compounds.

When Auburn housing complex decided to impose this regulation, then it was actually helping over 12,000 residents from being kept free from the ill effects of second hand smoke. All the public housing complexes under this banner had then imposed similar restrictions, thereby allowing several non smokers to breathe fresh air instead of the contaminated air. This was undoubtedly seen as a landmark step on the part of the society managers, as they had succeeded in ensuring that the residents staying within the housing complex were spared of the offensive second hand smoke at all times. In the month of September, Boston became the second biggest city to have imposed the ban on smoking of cigarettes within housing complexes. This in turn permitted over 25,000 tenants to heave a sigh of relief.

While the main reason why this ban came into place is because the city authorities want to safeguard the rights of non smokers at all times, the fact also remains that when you are not permitted to smoke a cigarette within a housing complex, the chances of that complex catching fire is reduced drastically. In case the housing complex is making use of carpeting, then the chances of the carpet catching fire when a lit cigarette is accidentally dropped on it are rather high. Another reason why such a ban was imposed in the first place was simply because such housing complexes house senior citizens as well as elderly who are unfit. Hence, in order to safeguard their health, it becomes all the more necessary to stop people from smoking regular cigarettes, while inside the building premises.

There have been several instances wherein people from all walks of lives have been adversely affected by the offensive second hand smoke. In fact, within such housing complexes, there are several elderly patients who suffer from respiratory tract infections and are in dire needs of clean, fresh air. If they too are exposed to the toxic fumes emitted by cigarettes, they would be in a worse situation. Only 32 housing societies had banned smoking within their premises in the year 2005. Nonetheless, by the end of this year, over 285 housing complexes would have imposed the “no smoking” ban and allowed several innocent tenants to be freed from the wrath of the offensive second hand smoke.


While smoking bans are being applied to various nooks and corners of the United States, the most effective way to steer clear of the second hand smoke menace is to propel smokers to make a permanent switch to smoking electronic cigarettes. As compared to traditional cigarettes, an e cigarette is free from the offensive second hand smoke and it is also comparatively free from the toxic tobacco content, which is usually found in regular cigarettes. Now, as electric cigarettes are free from smoke, they are also permitted to be smoked in public places, which also include housing complexes. Hence, smoking an e cig is highly recommended, as not only would this smokeless device take care of your nicotine cravings, it would also ensure that you are permitted to smoke within the premises of your housing complex.