Most people are of the opinion that cigarette companies should avoid branding their cigarettes. Most tobacco manufacturers are known to enjoy a huge fan following owing to the very simple reason that they are able to attract individuals using attractive packaging strategies. Now, with the masses in support of plain packaging, it would not be long before major tobacco manufacturers would lose their brand identity. In the United Kingdom, the government has planned on implementing such a proposed procedure in a bid to reduce the growing numbers of smokers in the country. A consultation would be put into practice the coming week, in which, such a proposal would be studied carefully.

According to the head of the UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies, Professor John Britton, “Cigarette packs are mainly used to attract the attention of young and enthusiastic smokers and cleverly remove the attention from the adverse health effects, which cigarettes have on the human body.” In simpler terms, cigarette branding is a distraction from reality. Professor John Britton went on to state, “When plain packaging is put into place, those smokers who are habitual of smoking a particular brand would face no issues. Nonetheless, young smokers, who are seeking pleasure from smoking cigarettes, would not become attracted to plain cigarette packs.”

According to the YouGov survey, which involved studying ten thousand subjects, it was revealed that sixty two percent of the subjects were supporting the government’s cause of implementing plain packaging, while only eleven percent was opposed to such a move. In fact, only six percent of the subjects were of the opinion that tobacco manufacturing firms could be trusted in terms of revealing the truth about cigarettes. According to Deborah Arnott, the CEO of Ash, “While Big Tobacco has ample funds to fight a battle against branding, the fact remains that money cannot purchase legitimacy.” She also went on to state that with the government of the United Kingdom in favor of plain packaging, Big Tobacco has no support left any longer.

According to the spokesperson of the British Medical Association, “in order to reduce the total number of smokers in the United Kingdom, the incorporation of plain packaging is vitally essential and mandatory as well”. The spokesperson went on to state that the devastating effects of smoking can only be reduced when such stringent actions are taken by the concerned government agencies. Nonetheless, the Association of Convenience Stores was completely against the concept of plain packaging. Apparently, this association is known to represent the rights of the corner shops which sell cigarettes. The CEO of the Association of Convenience Stores, James Lowman, was of the opinion that plain packaging should not be implemented as the recent ban on tobacco sales in supermarkets, is yet to be implemented.

On the other hand, most tobacco companies were of the opinion that the concept of plain packaging was a direct violation to their intellectual property rights. As per the spokesperson of Imperial Tobacco, “We have a right to brand our packs in a unique manner as we would like our cigarettes to appear different from other brands. With the incorporation of plain packaging, the increment in counterfeit products would also increase.”