Parks are to carry a ban on smoking cigarettes and this has left many smokers bewildered. Apparently, the main reason why smoking enthusiasts are miffed with this latest update is because they always preferred smoking in an area which was green and spacious and offered ample room for smoking enthusiasts to enjoy a relishing smoke without the usual blockages attached. When you pay a visit to a park, you are almost always in awe of the lovely benches as well as the lush green trees which surround you, while you can peacefully settle down on the grass and bask in the bright sun. Nonetheless, besides providing fresh air to people, parks are also supposedly a hot favorite for smoking enthusiasts the world over.

Apparently, they all simply love to smoke cigarettes there and relish the fresh air while managing to expel toxic fumes all around without actually bothering any individual in the act. This is possible simply because the foul air, which in turn is full of toxic chemicals, is conveniently absorbed by the surrounding greenery and it is therefore not as harmful as the air we breathe when someone is smoking in a city environment. Nonetheless, the fact remains that despite smoking in green areas, smokers do release thousands of harmful chemicals which can easily prove fatal for those innocent individuals who happen to be in close vicinity of the person who is smoking a cigarette.

Apparently, the ban on smoking cigarettes in public places came into existence ever since communities started rising in arms against the menacing second hand smoke, which innocent bystanders or joggers in parks had to breathe on a daily basis. Apparently, the dangers associated with the offensive second hand smoke, most of which can easily lead to chronic ailments, led people from all walks of lives to realize the benefits of putting a complete stop on smoking cigarettes in parks. As per several research studies, it has been ascertained that by smoking cigarettes in parks, an individual who happens to inhale the second hand smoke emitting from lit cigarettes, is at a greater danger of contracting chronic ailments as compared to those who are actually involved in the act of smoking.


Another reason why smoking is now being banned in public parks is simply because the offensive second hand smoke emitting from regular cigarettes is supposed to be damaging for small children. As most parks have numerous children playing in their midst, it is vitally important to keep the air clean, so that these children can develop good health and be free from ailments that are attached to polluted air. Infants being taken for a walk by their mothers in the park are undoubtedly the most susceptible to the offensive second hand smoke and as they are very young with weak immune systems, the dangers of these infants contracting chronic ailments is rather high.

Hence, government authorities in several countries are working hard towards developing a system wherein smoking in parks would be completely prohibited. While this is a rather slow process which takes time to be accepted by smoking enthusiasts, it is being seen as a positive step by those individuals who do not smoke and would like to be free from inhaling the highly toxic fumes which emit from the traditional tobacco cigars. While this move is welcomed by all community members, one particular section of the society, which seems apprehensive, accepting this regulation, is the smoking community in general. It is a well known fact that while smoking is injurious to your health, quitting smoking is no child’s play and most smoking enthusiasts seem to face a lot of issues trying to quit smoking cigarettes.

This is when a suitable alternative needs to be adopted which permits smoking in public places without polluting the environment at the same time. While this sounds too good to be true, it is actually a reality. Apparently, after the introduction of the electronic cigarettes, smoking enthusiasts have realized the immense benefits of smoking these devices instead of the traditional tobacco cigarettes. The biggest advantage of smoking these is the lack of tobacco content in e cigarettes.

At the same time, e cigs are free from the offensive second hand smoke. This is simply because an electric cigarette is devoid of tobacco and it also does not need the requirement of a match to ignite. By simply making use of a rechargeable battery, you can start using an e cig and ensure that you never leave behind the offensive second hand smoke, which is usually linked to regular cigarettes.