As per the latest statistical reports, over 20% of the world’s total population is known to smoke cigarettes. As per the report published by the World Health Organization, one in every five people in America is known to die owing to the harmful tobacco smoke. This is really shocking as the death rate owing to the deadly tobacco smoke in America is really high. While quitting smoking is often considered as an effective cure to curbing this menace, the fact remains that the medications as well as nicotine patches as well as pills provided by the modern day medicines are simply not suitable enough and they simply add more chemicals into your body.

quit smoking

The most effective means of flushing out those harmful chemicals from within your body is to consume fresh fruits and juices on a daily basis. Make sure that the juices are extracted from organic fruits and are consumed fresh. Juices are naturally detoxifying in nature and they are also supposedly healing. Not only do they help you get rid of your nicotine cravings, they also make sure that you are able to quit smoking cigarettes and replenish your damaged system with nutrient rich juices. It is advised that a heavy smoker consume at least five different kinds of juices in a single day to flush out the toxins from his body and replenish them with vitamins and minerals.

The biggest advantage of consuming juices is that the moment you stop consuming these, your craving for chemicals which include the deadly tobacco smoke, is also eliminated to a great extent. With time, these cravings would be greatly reduced and you shall be able to keep a tab on your smoking habits. Medical experts also recommend that chain smokers, who wish to quit smoking tobacco, should always indulge in regular physical exercise and that they should drink lots of water on a daily basis. It is also highly recommended that the concerned individual follow a meal pattern and stick to the predetermined meal timings.

Besides consuming natural fruits and juices, medical representatives as well as chain smokers are of the opinion that an electronic cigarette works wonders in permitting the chain smoker to quit smoking regular cigarettes. Besides permitting you to quit smoking, an e cigarette would also allow you to continue smoking for the rest of your life, without damaging your health in any manner. So, when the question revolves around maintaining a healthy body it is highly recommended that you quit smoking tobacco, adopt electronic cigarettes and consume fresh fruit juices.