A Brief Overview:

The Red Dragon electric cigarette brand is a well known manufacturer of electronic cigarettes as well as e cigarette accessories. Once again, like many other e-smoking manufacturing brands, the main aim of Red Dragon was to allow smoking enthusiasts the world over to choose a suitable alternative to regular cigarettes. Hence, they have devised several starter kits, electronic cigarette accessories as well as other essential products, which are considered mandatory for the e cigarette niche. One of the most sought after products in the Red Dragon listings is the mini-cig series, which in turn happens to be a two piece electronic cigarette.

The Mini Kit Series:

The mini e cig series contains seven different kinds of electronic cigarettes.

The Eight Piece Kit- The eight piece series mini e cig is pegged at $63.96, which in turn implies that a $10 discount is applicable on this product. This kit includes a short and a long battery, four cartridges of your choicest color and strength, a USB charger and a wall charger.

The Charging Case Kit- The charging case kit is pegged at $$99.96, which is again a discounted pricing. This kit contains a personal charging case, two short batteries, four cartridges, a USB charger as well as a wall adaptor.

The Three Piece Kit- The three piece kit is priced at $39.96 and it is once again pegged at a $10 discount. The kit includes an electric cigarette, a USB charger, a carry case as well as five cartridges.

The Two Piece Kit- The two piece kit contains an electronic cigarette, a USB charger and five cartridges, wherein you have the option of choosing the flavor and nicotine strength.

The One Piece Kit- The one piece kit is being offered at a $5 discount and is pegged at a special price of $23.96.This kit contain a rechargeable e cigarette, a cartridge as well as a battery (either long battery or a short battery).

The USB Passthrough Kit- The USB PassThrough kit is pegged at $39.96, which is again $10 short of its original price. This kit contains a special PassThrough electronic cigarette, a five inch long chord as well as three flavored cartridges of your choice.

The Disposable Electronic Cigarette- The disposable electronic cigarettes are being offered at a discounted price of $2 and are available for $9.56 per piece. These electronic cigarettes are known to last 300 puffs and even more and they contain a single cartridge which can be disposed off after it is finished.

The eGo Starter Kits:

Flips Vaporizer Kit- The flips vaporizer kit is being pegged at $59.95, which in turn is a $20 discount, as the original price of this kit is $79.95. The shape as well as the design of this kit is phenomenal and very attractive. This is an e-liquid based kit.

The eGo T Vaporizer Kit- This kit is priced at $67.45, which again is a discounted price. In this kit, the e-liquid is sold in separate packs.

The Final Verdict:

The Red Dragon is a reputed electronic cigarette brand and their mini electric cigarettes are worth a try.