According to the CDC news, it has been made fairly clear that in America more and more smokers are turning away from traditional cigarettes and are instead opting for cigars. Hence, this does not imply that smoking enthusiasts are shying away from tobacco as they have now found a suitable alternative to satisfy their tobacco cravings in the form of cigars as well as pipes. This so called “tobacco fix” has indeed taken the entire American population by storm as now, instead of regular cigarettes which appeared to be smaller in size and undoubtedly less intimidating, have been taken over by their larger counterparts- the cigars and pipes. Even pipes laden with tobacco have reported an increment in sales in America.


While electronic cigarettes can be one of the main reasons why smokers have started to quit smoking regular cigarettes, yet the e cigarette charisma does not explain the increment in the usage of pipes as well as cigars, which in turn are laden with tobacco. According to Fox News, the main reason why smokers in America have started to make a permanent switch over to pipes as well as cigars is simply because while doing so, they are able to save their hard earned money in the act. Regular cigarettes have been known to attract a hefty price tag, which in turn is owing to the high amounts of tax which the government has imposed on cigarettes. Owing to this very reason, smoking enthusiasts are now seeking ways and means of satisfying their nicotine cravings by opting to other tobacco alternatives.


Ever since the year 2010, the cigarette sales have dipped by 2.5%, which in turn has helped increase the sales of pipes by a whopping 482%. In fact, the Baltimore Sun reported that the sale of cigars too have increased by a mind blowing 223%. While traditional cigarettes are slowly but steadily giving way to pipes as well as cigars, the good news is that tobacco consumption has reduced by an impressive 30% in the past decade. Undoubtedly, e cigarettes have a major role to play in the decline of tobacco consumption as e cigs help fulfill the nicotine cravings in smokers without including tobacco in their products. At the same time, an e cig can be puffed in public places as it does not emit smoke and it also proves to be cheaper than tobacco cigarettes.


In the past three years, the cost of a pack of cigarette has increased by an average of one dollar, which in turn has been owing to the increase in federal tax on this commodity. This has proved to be a big deterrent in its consumption and smoking enthusiasts have instead chosen to opt for electronic cigarettes, pipes or cigars. While tobacco cigars seem to be more expensive as they are larger than regular cigarettes and definitely taste and smell like them, the fact remains that the tax on cigars is lesser in comparison, which in turn makes them a cheaper commodity. Owing to this very fact, cigars are being preferred over traditional tobacco filled cigarettes in the United States.