Smoking a cigarette has now become a way of live with billions of individuals the world over. There was a report which stated that in a few years, the total number of smokers smoking cigarettes would cross the two billion mark. This is undoubtedly a shocking report for the very simple reason that the offensive second hand smoke, which emits from lit cigarettes, is supposed to be deadly, both for the human being as well as for the environment as a whole. Nonetheless, despite knowing fully well the adverse health issues related directly to smoking cigarettes, people from all walks of lives, especially chain smokers, continue smoking them on a regular basis. In the recent past, it has been noticed that smokers as well as passive smokers have acknowledged the might of an electronic cigarette.

An e cigarette is a device which does not use a match to light and it is also devoid of the deadly tobacco content, which is undoubtedly present in a regular cigarette. Nonetheless, a regular cigarette simply cannot be devoid of tobacco as this is one product which allows a regular cigarette to function and be considered as a device which is perfect for being used by the end user. Without the deadly tobacco content, a traditional cigarette is unable to provide the “kick”, which most smoking enthusiasts are seeking from a regular cigarette. Nonetheless, tobacco is a menace and is known to cause several chronic ailments in humans. At the same time, when tobacco is mixed with nicotine, then it proves to be even more deadly, as is always the case with traditional cigarettes.

It has been noticed that when people smoke regular cigarettes, they end up expelling over 4000 highly toxic chemicals into the earth’s atmosphere. Out of the 4000 chemicals which are known to emit from a single regular cigarette, over 76 have been classified as carcinogens. Carcinogens are those chemicals which are highly toxic and have the capacity of causing cancer in human beings. This is one of the main reasons why most smokers have been known to suffer from cancers of the lungs, the lips, the throat as well as the pancreas. Such cancers are very difficult to treat and have been known to prove fatal in nature. As per a recent survey, it was found that one in every ten deaths the world over are caused by cigarette smoke. In fact, in the United States alone, over five million people are known to loose their lives on an annual basis, which in turn is owing to the deadly second hand smoke emitting from traditional cigarettes.

While cigarette smoking is injurious to the health of the smoker, the offensive second hand smoke which emits from a lit cigarette is known to be even more harmful for the innocent passive smoker who happens to inhale it. Apparently, the smoke which emits from the lungs of the smoker is far more toxic than the smoke which he/she inhales while smoking a traditional cigarette. Hence, it has been noticed that cancers, cardiac issues as well as chronic respiratory tract infections have affected people who belong to the passive smoking community in a much more deadly manner. Apparently, this is why non-smokers in their millions started to seek a closure to regular smoking and have started advocating the use of electronic cigarettes instead. An e cigarette happens to be free from second hand smoke as it functions on a rechargeable battery and does not need a match to light. This makes it a non-polluting device and it is also much safer than a regular cigarette.

It has also been noticed that the price of traditional cigarettes is steep. In comparison, an electric cigarette costs one third the price of a regular cigarette. It has also been noticed that people from all walks of lives prefer smoking e cigs as they are perfect for the budget conscious smokers. At the same time, you have the distinct advantage of smoking an e cig even in public places as this device happens to be non-polluting in nature. On the contrary, smoking a regular cigarette in public places is prohibited by law in several countries across the globe. This clearly states and confirms the fact that puffing on an electric cigarette proves to be a much easier and fulfilling task as compared to smoking a traditional tobacco filled cigarette. At the end of it all, it would not be incorrect to state that smoking an electric cigarette is far safer and affordable than smoking tobacco cigarettes. In fact, even passive smokers have started advocating the usage of electronic cigarettes and have asked smokers to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes permanently.