It has been reported that the sale of regular cigarettes in New Zealand have seen a drastic dip in the recent past. Apparently, the main reason why people in New Zealand have started to smoke fewer cigarettes in the recent past is simply because they felt the need to save of their hard earned money in the act. Without a shadow of a doubt, it is a well known fact that people in New Zealand are changing their smoking patterns and are preferring to opt for an alternative which not only permits them to save their hard earned money but an alternative, which also helps them enjoy their cigarettes without the usual financial burdens attached.

In the last year, it has been noticed that the average cigarette sales in New Zealand, dipped by 11%. Apparently, the main reason behind this drastic decline in sales was the price hike which each cigarette brand underwent as per the latest policy. Owing to the price hikes on tobacco products, which in turn were in accordance with the price hikes predetermined by the government authorities, it has been noticed that the price of an average cigarette pack has been hiked by over 33%. Owing to the rise in prices, smoking enthusiasts have begun looking for those devices which did not contain tobacco. This is why the sale of electronic cigarette has increased at warp speed.

Most cigarette packs in New Zealand have seen a hike of over $1, which in turn has deterred even die hard chain smokers from smoking cigarettes on a regular basis. An e cigarette is undoubtedly a cheaper bet and people from all walks of lives prefer puffing on an e cig simply because it allows them to maintain a healthy body without burning a hole in their pocket. Often considered as a perfect device for the serious as well as the budget conscious smoker, an electric cigarette is nowadays proving to be a perfect source of keeping smokers happy. The price hike on tobacco products came into picture ever since health organizations starter to put pressure on government authorities in a bid to reduce the total number of smokers.

Cancer, respiratory tract infection, as well as cardiac arrests are all linked to cigarette smoking, not only do they take lives of innocent people from across the globe, they are also known to disrupt the budgets of seasoned smokers to a great extent. Without a shadow of a doubt, even passive smokers are known to suffer terribly at the hands of regular cigarettes. This is owing to the highly offensive smoke which emits from regular cigarettes. This smoke contains thousands of highly toxic chemicals including several carcinogens, which has been certified as cancer causing. Undoubtedly, smokers have started to realize the dangers associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes and have started to reduce their smoking intake considerably.

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