Smoking a regular cigarette is a habit, which is considered to be highly addictive in nature. It has also been reported and clinically proven via several research studies that once an individual starts to smoke a tobacco cigarette, he becomes dependent on it and is therefore unable to leave it. This is when the need for a suitable quit smoking aid comes into picture. Once again, there are several quit smoking aids that are available in the market, yet not many actually prove to be effective in helping the concerned individual to quit smoking cigarettes. Nicotine patches, gum as well as certain prescription drugs are known to help smoking enthusiasts quit smoking tobacco cigarettes but these are merely short term solutions to the problem, as once the smoker stops using them, he is once again prompted to smoke cigarettes.

Health experts are of the opinion that the most effective quit smoking aid is the human mind. A smoker needs to develop his mind in such a manner that he is able to quit smoking easily. For this very purpose, he needs a source of motivation, which in turn can be developed via exercising regularly. Yes, regular physical exercises help the concerned smoking enthusiast to develop his mental strength, which in turn helps him quit smoking cigarettes in a slow yet steady manner. It has also been stated by several health professionals that the main reason why smokers, who take to exercising regularly, feel low in energy and unproductive in the gym, is because they has weak lungs. Apparently, this is why, they tend to exert more energy towards trying to set a benchmark, which would help them regain their lost energy levels.

When a smoker, who has been smoking cigarettes for several years, tries to indulge in any form of physical activity, he often feels the need for oxygen and his demand for oxygen is far greater than the demand put forth by an individual who is not habitual of smoking cigarettes. This is when a smoker tends to become breathless and seeks the assistance of trainers to improve his lung functionality. The main reason why a smoker tends to become breathless is because the smoke which emits from tobacco cigars, tend to shrink his lungs. When the lungs are reduced in size, they are simply unable to inhale air and exhale the foul air in an appropriate manner. This in turn leads to breathlessness. Smokers have therefore started to puff on an electric cigarette as it is completely devoid of the awful tobacco content.

Most serious bodybuilders happen to be non smokers and the main reason why they do not smoke cigarettes is because they wish to remain fit and healthy. Smokers on the other hand, have been known to have reduced energy levels as well as reduced nutrient uptake, which in turn forces them to get fatigued rather quickly. Most smoking enthusiasts nowadays have started to use an electronic cigarette in a bid to steer clear of the harsh chemicals, which are present in a regular cigarette. While an e cigarette is a perfect substitute to the traditional cigarettes, the fact remains that these smokeless devices may also help people reduce their nicotine intake. E cigs are usually available in varying nicotine levels, which in turn ensures that heavy smokers reduce their nicotine intake in a progressive manner.