Owing to the immense popularity of electronic cigarettes, scientists from across the globe have gotten together to conduct their separate independent as well as group studies pertaining to the health benefits of smoking e cigarettes, their cost effectiveness and even whether they are actually a suitable alternative to smoking tobacco or not. In fact, studies are also being conducted on the device which provides nicotine to the consumers. The scientists involved in these researches actually cross check whether the nicotine delivery in e cigs is actually meeting the quality standards or not. All this has actually happened owing to the rising popularity of electronic cigarettes over the last couple of years.

As per a recent journal published in the year 2011 by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, it was ascertained that the number of Google searches for the term ‘electronic cigarette’ was increasing by each passing day and apparently smokers from across the globe seemed quite interested in knowing more about these new devices which provided smokers with the ‘thrill’ of smoking without including tobacco in their devices. In this particular study, it was ascertained that most of these searches originated from the US, the UK as well as Australia and the main reason which was attributed to these three countries topping the e cigarette searches in Google was the simple fact that these countries had a tobacco smoking ban and smokers here were on the lookout for a suitable alternative to regular smoking.

As per this research, it was determined that majority of the searches in Google were for making purchases, while the rest of the searches were to ascertain more information on e cigs. A few searches were also attributed to the benefits of smoking e cigarettes while some searches were targeted at ascertaining the safety of consuming nicotine. Apparently, the main reason why the sale of electric cigarettes is increasing at such an alarming rate is simply because people have finally gotten their hands onto a product which is cheap, highly affordable, safe with regards to their respiratory health as well as devoid of deadly tobacco. Besides, it is also devoid of the foul odor which is usually linked to smoking tobacco.

Even as researchers continue with their studies, it is fairly clear that the sale of e cigarettes would rise in the coming years. In fact, it has been ascertained that the tobacco industry would finally have a competition which it would never be able to beat. The main reason why smokers prefer electronic cigarettes to tobacco is because e cigs are cheaper, safer and suitable for their health and good for their environment.